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Summer Training Fun! Summer is here and it's time to hit the beach and leave the gym behind. Right? Wrong! Strength conditioning is an important component all year round, and summer is no exception. Co-owner Marla Brillinger explains. View article

Summer Special: Back by popular demand! View details

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Fitness Tip: The Importance of Cool Down and Stretch
by Trainer Adam Dowd
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Nutrition Tip: The Most Important Meal of the Day
by Nutritionist Laura Connolly
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Trainer's Corner: How often should I be working out? Is it possible to work out too often?
By Senior Trainer Juergen Reinhardt
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Club News: Summer Special, New! Nutrition Service, Shiatsu Returns, Welcome New Team Members
by Co-owner Marla Brillinger
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Summer Training Fun

Summer is here and it's time to hit the beach and leave the gym behind. Right? Wrong! Strength conditioning is an important component all year round, and summer is no exception. Injuries are common as people mistakenly give up their gym membership or postpone their personal training and jump right into summer activities such as hiking, biking, outdoor team sports and even daily chores such as mowing the lawn and gardening. But without adequate support and muscular conditioning, the skeletal system, joints and muscles are left vulnerable to injury, especially when the body is introduced to new movements and activities that it has been unaccustomed to over the winter months.

Personal Training can and should be thought of as a supplement and a complement to everyday functional living, and during the summer it doesn't have to be boring or take place in a dark and dreary gym. Personal Training at Body & Soul takes on a whole new flavour when the warm weather arrives. With easy access to the beaches and parks, trainers relish in taking their clients outside to participate in agility drills, balance and posture skills, core work and overall muscular and cardiovascular conditioning.


Fitness Tip: The Importance of Cool Down and Stretch

Cooling down and stretching are an important part of any workout. A good cool down helps prevent dizzy spells after an intense workout. The reason we get dizzy spells is that blood pools in the large muscle groups after they have been worked out, leaving the brain deprived of oxygen and blood. A cool down on the bike or elliptical will promote blood flow away from those muscle groups and back to a normal circulatory pattern. It will also clear out the lactic acid (which gives a burning sensation) from the area. As well, it will gradually and safely bring heart rate and blood pressure back to their normal levels. Following a cool down, a brief stretching period will help reduce DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), and make the day following a tough workout a bit easier.


Nutrition Tip: The Most Important Meal of the Day

We hear it time and time again – breakfast is the most important meal of the day! Starting your day with a good breakfast will help "rev" up your metabolism and provide you with the energy needed for the rest of the day's activities. Research has also shown a balanced breakfast reduces overall caloric intake for the remainder of the day. A healthy breakfast can also provide a significant portion of the day's total nutrient intake. Why not try adding some nutrient dense strawberries or blueberries to your morning routine? High in fibre, vitamin┬áC, and antioxidants, these berries can be mixed in yogurt, cereal, or a shake for a nutritious start to you day.


Club News

Summer Special: Back by popular demand! The Body & Soul Summer Special, available for purchase from June 15 to August 15, includes 10 Personal Training sessions for $550 + gst. Also available: workout at Westside Gym for 3-months for just $99 + gst or get a 25-session summer spinning pass for $125 + gst.

New! Nutrition Service: Nutrition Counselling is now available at Body & Soul. Our nutritionist, Laura Connolly, can help you work towards your nutrition goals – lose weight, gain weight, improve digestion, reduce cholesterol, identify nutrients lacking in your diet, improve sports performance, or just improve general health and nutrition. See the front desk or call 604-224-2639 ext. 1 for available packages and pricing.

Shiatsu Returns: Body & Soul is pleased to once again offer Shiatsu massage therapy. With roots in thousands of years of Eastern healing arts, Shiatsu is a hands-on healing massage designed to stimulate the body's lymphatic, circulatory, digestive and nervous systems. Shiatsu is a deeply relaxing experience that offers relief of pain, tension and emotional pressure. To book an appointment with our Registered Shiatsu Therapist, Lynn Zeleschuk, please see the front desk or call 604-224-2639 ext. 1.

Welcome New Team Members: Body & Soul is pleased to welcome Adam Dowd – Personal Trainer, Dave Gillam – Personal Trainer, Sara Watt – Front Desk and Lynn Zeleschuk – Registered Shiatsu Therapist. At Westside Gym, we welcome Nate Moulson – Front Desk Supervisor.

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Profile: Juergen Reinhardt

Juergen Reinhardt
Senior Trainer, Nordic Walking Instructor & Rehab Specialist

Juergen Reinhardt is a German trained physiotherapist, manual therapist, and sports instructor specializing in sports therapy. He has worked for a variety of rehabilitation centres providing physiotherapy, rehab and fitness training, including the Olympic base in Aspach, Austria. Juergen has been at Body & Soul for 6 years. In addition to being one of our senior trainers, Juergen also manages the Nordic Walking program.


Trainer's Corner

How often should I be working out? Is it possible to work out too often?
- Caroline Laverock

Senior Trainer Juergen Reinhardt says working out between two and four times per week, with a minimum of one day of rest between workouts, is ideal for most people. However, individuals recovering from injuries or suffering from chronic conditions should consult with their trainer, physiotherapist and/or doctor to establish a safe level of activity.

It is possible to work out too often; rest days between workouts allow the body to adapt to the work and improve, and ensure your body gets the most out of the work it has done.

Have a question for our trainer? Email your question to If your question appears in the Fitness File you'll receive a gift certificate for a 60-minute massage at Body & Soul.

To find out more about Nordic Walking or to schedule a training session with Juergen, contact the Body & Soul front desk at 604-224-2639 ext. 1.


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