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“Fall” into a New Fitness Program: Does your current fitness program meet the basic requirements for all around fitness? Is it designed to meet your health and fitness goals? Co-owner Marla Brillinger explains why fall is a great time to reassess your fitness program.
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Open House and Special: Join us on Saturday Sept. 19 for a fun day of personalized facility tours, personal training demos, health and fitness displays, massage demos, a charity BBQ, door prizes and more! Open House special pricing for one day only. Not to be missed!
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Fitness Tip: Resistance Training for Weight Loss
by Personal Trainer Brennan Towns
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Nutrition Tip: An Apple a Day…
by Nutritionist Laura Connolly
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Club News: Light the Night, New Arrival, Top Finish, Successful Season, Welcome New Team Members
by Co-owner Marla Brillinger
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Trainer’s Corner: Is Yoga Alone a Sufficient Workout if Done Every Other Day?
by Co-owner and Personal Trainer Marla Brillinger
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“Fall” into a New Fitness Program

For most people fall is a season of change, a time of new beginnings and new routines at work, school and play. Fall is also a great time for new beginnings and new routines for your fitness program. Just as you reassess your goals and priorities from time to time in other parts of your life, so too should you examine your health and fitness goals on a regular basis to ensure you are getting the most out of your fitness program.

First, assess the basics. The American Academy of Orthopedic Surgeons recommends a balanced exercise program including regular aerobic activity, strength and agility training, flexibility exercises, and relaxation techniques. Does your current fitness program incorporate all of these elements?

Next, assess your personal fitness goals. Are you training for a specific sport, such as the upcoming ski season? Looking to improve your heart health? Reduce your stress level? Or perhaps get back to your pre-summer, pre-BBQ and ice cream weight? Your fitness program should be tailored to meet your specific goals.

Next steps. Take a few moments to sit down with your personal trainer to assess your current fitness program. Make sure he/she knows what your fitness goals are, especially if they have changed. Let your trainer know what physical activities you are doing outside of your sessions, so that he/she can consider your complete fitness regimen when planning your workouts. And let your trainer know what activities you like, those you don’t and those you may want to learn more about, so he/she can create a program that you’ll be motivated to follow.

Finally, it’s time to get excited about your new fitness program! Because even though it can be hard work to maintain a good fitness program, it can also be fun and exciting when you have the program that’s right for you.


Open House: Saturday, September 19

Not to be Missed: Join us on Saturday September 19th from 11 am to 3 pm for a fun day of personalized facility tours, personal training demos, health and fitness displays, massage demos, a charity BBQ, door prizes and more! The charity BBQ will be generously sponsored by Stong’s, with ALL proceeds going directly to the BC Special Olympics Vancouver chapter.

Open House Special: 10 personal training sessions for $55 each. One day only, one special per person.


Fitness Tip: Resistance Training for Weight Loss

It may seem strange that the same methods traditionally used to put on weight can actually assist in weight or fat loss. Enter resistance training. The addition of muscle mass through resistance or weight training will act to burn body fat through an increase in resting caloric expenditure. This muscle tissue will increase your metabolism and your body’s ability to burn calories, leading to greater success in long-term weight management. A safe and efficient resistance training program is a great way to achieve your short and long-term fitness goals. Time to get lifting!


Nutrition Tip: An Apple a Day

"An apple a day keeps the doctor away," and for a good reason! Apples contain a high source of fibre, vitamin C, and antioxidants. The fibre can help to lower "bad" LDL cholesterol, which gives you just another reason to grab one of these portable, easy to consume snacks. The vitamin C and antioxidants in apples can reduce the risk of developing certain chronic diseases, such as heart disease and cancer. So try to include an apple a day in your diet to help you live a healthier lifestyle.


Club News

Light the Night: Watch for Body & Soul and the Westside Gym’s fun fundraising efforts as we raise money for, and participate in, the ‘Light the Night’ Walk for leukemia on October 17th.

New Arrival: Dr. Case, our resident chiropractor, welcomed a new addition to his family with the birth of his daughter, future marathoner Laura Hope Case. Dr. Case also continues to perform well with two recent events: he placed 2nd in his age group and 25th overall at the Scotiabank Half Marathon, and 4th overall at the Longest Day 10 km.

Top Finish: Congratulations to Co-owner and Trainer Marla Brillinger for her impressive sprint triathlon finish in August. She placed 1st in her age group, 2nd overall woman and 7th overall. She plans to compete in the Olympic distance triathlon in early September in Vancouver.

Successful Season: Trainer David Gillam has completed his first full cycling season in BC. It was a season of steady improvement, a couple of top 20 finishes, a handful of crashes, an 11th place finish in a hill climb and 3 flat tires. He is looking forward to continuing to improve next year.

Milestones: Congratulations to Co-owner Angela Longstaffe and her husband Ted, who celebrated their 25th wedding anniversary in July with a big bash at the Planetarium surrounded by their staff, family and friends. Happy Anniversary Ted and Angela!

Welcome New Team Members: Body & Soul welcomes newest Personal Trainer and recent UBC Human Kinetics graduate Sarah Janousek.

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Profile: Brittany Eidsness

Brittany Eidsness
General Manager, Body & Soul

Brittany Eidsness has been an integral part of Body & Soul since 2006. With a background in nutrition and fitness promotion, Brittany started part-time as the weekend front desk supervisor. She soon moved to full-time front desk supervisor and finally became Body & Soul’s General Manager in early 2008. Throughout her time at Body & Soul Brittany has also been studying nutrition at UBC.

As General Manager Brittany coordinates all of the moving parts of Body & Soul, from customer service and special requests, to scheduling, to hiring and training, to coordinating special events. If you have questions about any of Body & Soul’s services, from personal training to massage to chiropractic, Brittany is a great person to speak to.
When not at Body & Soul, Brittany can be found jogging at Jericho Beach, working out at Westside Gym, or playing her favourite sport, dodge ball!


Trainer’s Corner

Is yoga alone (Hatha/power vinyasa) a sufficient workout if done every other day or should it be supplemented with cardio as well?
- Amy McDonald

The answer depends partly on what your goals are. I am a firm believer in the benefits of any type of yoga, and practice it myself. That said, Hatha yoga is generally a slower and gentler yoga so while it will increase your flexibility it won’t have a large effect on the cardiovascular system.

I recommend supplementing yoga with a weight-bearing activity, such as strength training, which will also incorporate balance, stability and core strength among numerous other benefits.

I also suggest cross-training with some type of cardiovascular activity, especially if you are mainly doing a slower type of yoga, so that you can get your heart rate up to a beneficial level.

By combining these three types of exercise - yoga, weight training and cardio - you are ensuring a healthy balance both physically and mentally and working all the body systems efficiently and effectively.

- Marla Brillinger, Co-owner and Certified Personal Trainer

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