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New to Training?

Close up of a woman reaching for a dumbbell

The trick to getting more active (and more fit) is often as simple as getting started! Following are some tips to help get you going:

 Make a plan. For many people, a solid plan is required to ensure a routine can be achieved. Plan your workouts and meal preparation for days when you know you have, or can make, the time to commit yourself. It’s easy to skip a workout that wasn’t carefully scheduled into your already busy day!

  • Make sure you have enough energy. Do you feel your energy beginning to wane? Have you set aside time two hours from now to exercise but are already dreading it? Set yourself up for success by ensuring you bring up your energy with a pre-workout snack that gives you the energy you need to get through your workout.
  • Keep your thoughts positive. Lingering on negative thoughts like “I don’t want to workout now” will make it that much easier for you to quit. Focus on positive thoughts like how great you’ll feel when you’ve finished a great workout and how over the coming weeks and months you will start finding exercise to be an easy part of your routine!
  • Do what you love! Find exercises or workouts that you enjoy doing. If you keep forcing yourself to do exercises you hate – *cough* burpees *cough* – then you are unlikely to stick with it. If you like boxing, make that a big part of your workout. If you love using weights then incorporate various full body exercises you can do using weights!
  • Consult a professional. When looking for guidance, make sure to speak with someone with experience and a degree or certification in a health and fitness field. Be cautious following advice from self-proclaimed professionals (those without proper training and little to no experience) as you risk receiving flawed information which could be detrimental to your health.