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Hoping or planning to start your exercise journey? Many people wonder how often they have to exercise in order to achieve their results and the answer is that it depends on several factors:

  • Goals: Are your goals super specific? Do they have a deadline? If you have a very clear idea of where you want your fitness to take you – e.g., weight loss – then committing more time to fitness will bring you to your goal faster.
  • Availability: Planning workouts – whether going to the gym or scheduling sessions with your trainer – will help to ensure you stay on track. How much time can you reasonably commit? Identifying this can also help you determine how realistic your goals’ deadlines are.
  • Financial considerations: One concern we’ve heard from new clients is that training more than once a week with a trainer is not in their budget. This is actually why we introduced Small Group Personal Training (SGPT) back in 2012. SGPT offers similar benefits to 1-on-1 training at a reduced rate, and we host many sessions throughout the week to help you stay active! Sessions include up to 4 clients max!
  • Activities outside of the studio: Whether you spend one day a week with your trainer or more, an important question is: How active are you outside of the studio? If you train once a week with your trainer but commit to fitness classes, hikes, home workouts, or other forms of physical activity throughout the week, then once a week with your trainer may be sufficient.

It’s important to note that it is possible to work out too often. Excessively challenging your body with physical demands – often considered ‘overtraining’ – can lead to both chronic and acute injuries. Planning adequate rest will help your body adapt to the work and improve.

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