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How can I prevent injuries during exercise?

Injury prevention should be integrated into every exercise session, regardless if you are working with a trainer or alone. While not every injury can be prevented, there are some basic things that can be done to minimize the risk of an injury occurring.

Elevating your body temperature gradually, for instance, will create more elasticity of your connective tissue. Dynamic and passive stretching, once your body is warm, will increase the length of your muscles and connective tissue surrounding your joints.

Additionally, gradually and progressively increasing the intensity, speed or resistance of an exercise can reduce the strain on tissue. Selecting a load that is within your limits and having a spotter if lifting heavy loads is important in case assistance is needed.

Lastly, ensuring your exercise environment is clear of any object not part of your exercise will reduce the risk of tripping or falling. If you are unfamiliar with equipment or certain exercises, consult with an exercise professional to assist you with your training.

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