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While we can’t always prevent injuries in everyday life, there are many ways in which we can reduce chances of injury when it comes to our workout program:

  • Don’t ignore warning signs. It’s imperative that you listen to your body. While some degree of discomfort during and following your training session is completely normal, pain is typically a sign that you have – or soon will have – injured yourself.
  • Identify and recognize your limits. While pushing your body beyond its comfort zone is necessary to improve your health and fitness, it is important to be aware of your body’s limitations. Pushing yourself beyond what your body can do is a sure-fire way to hurt yourself.
  • Establish and exercise within a safe environment. Set yourself up for success by ensuring your surroundings provide a safe place for exercise. For instance, you should avoid slippery surfaces, ensure equipment is properly stored when not in use and always wear proper (activity-specific) footwear.
  • Plan and TAKE recovery days. Your body needs time to recover and adapt to your exercise program, particularly for high-intensity programs. Talk to your trainer to learn more about an appropriate recovery period with respect to your workout program.

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