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“It is reassuring that the attention to COVID protocol is consistent and compatible with my Trainers guidance and vigilance towards me through my programme. While I regroup myself for the next exercise Anthony wipes down and sets aside the used equipment for a final clean before the next session. In fact, the routines and exercises have been reimagined and designed so that I remain as thankfully “done and stretched” at the end of each session with an added layer of COVID protocol safety baked in.

Wearing a mask throughout a session is not problematic as Angela sourced a clever and comfortable “nose frame” positioned inside my mask that maintains airflow and space for active breathing.

My mental outlook has improved significantly with renewal of exercising in familiar and consciously planned surroundings. I feel far more comfortable and safer going to my exercise sessions at Body & Soul than doing the routine grocery shopping where personal distancing and spatial awareness are frequently haphazard and prone to random acts of congestion despite floor graphics.”

– Ian R

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