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For most of us, watching a loved one suffer from a preventable health issue or sedentary lifestyle can be hard. For them, finding the motivation to change their lifestyle – even slightly – can be quite a challenge and they may not respond favorably to suggestions and likely less to criticism (even if given with good intentions).

One way we believe you can help get a loved one active is to have them join you in a physical activity such as a drop in at the gym, walk along the seawall (think of the view!) or a game of tennis (or squash!) at the local community centre. For some people, the idea that you want or need them to either assist in your health and fitness journey, or simply have fun, can be quite beneficial as it often leads to a boost in confidence and self-worth. Who knows, once they have caught interest in an activity, it may just come down to making it a part of their routine!

For some people, personal training is a great alternative as they see a scheduled commitment to exercise as something they cannot skip without consequences. It is also a great alternative for people who don’t know what sort of exercises they can or should do with respect to their health and fitness goals. At Body & Soul, we offer complimentary consultations – call us for more information, 604-224-2639!

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