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It’s hard to watch a loved one suffer from a preventable health issue or sedentary lifestyle and it is almost always a sensitive topic to address. For them, finding the motivation to change can be quite a challenge and they may not respond favorably to suggestions on how to be more active.

One way to help is to have them join you in a physical activity such as a drop in at the gym, walk along the seawall or a friendly game of tennis/squash at the local community centre. For them, knowing that you want or need them to either assist in your health and fitness journey, or simply to have fun, can be quite beneficial as it often leads to a boost in confidence and self-worth. Once they have caught interest in an activity – which may take some time – it comes down to making it a part of their routine. Remember, HEALTH means healthy eating and living through habit.

You may also want to consider personal or partner training with a personal trainer. Personal Training is a great alternative as having a scheduled commitment to exercise makes it more difficult to skip it (particularly when it will cost you a session). Personal Training is also great for people who aren’t sure how/where to get started or for those who have no experience in a gym! This is why Body & Soul offers Consultations – an opportunity to sit down with one of our personal trainers to discuss fitness goals, needs, etc. Call us for more information, 604-224-BODY.


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