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Health and fitness is a lifelong commitment and while your goal(s) may have a specific deadline, maintaining the results of your hard work will require a long-term commitment to eating and living – you guessed it – healthy!

Healthy Eating

Not surprisingly, what you eat can strongly influence how you feel. Perhaps, however, your issue is less about what you’re eating and more about how much you’re eating. Some tips to help you avoid overeating include: eating several small meals throughout the day (helps prevent strong feelings of hunger in anticipation of one big meal), eating a well-balanced breakfast, taking time to chew your food, and taking time to plan and prepare your meals in advance.

Healthy Living

Healthy living – a broad topic – can include things like reducing alcohol intake and quitting smoking; however, for the sake of simplicity, we want to focus on healthy living through regular exercise. Exercising regularly not only improves memory, stress level, energy levels, and (of course) your physical health (i.e. heart, brain, body composition, etc.), but it can also help improve your sense of confidence and overall happiness!

In order to achieve your health and fitness goals, you need to commit to both active living and healthy eating, as the two go hand-in-hand; a poor-quality diet will likely result in a less active lifestyle. According to many experts, it takes approximately 66 days to establish a habit – what are you waiting for?

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