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Halloween is just around the corner! We asked Body & Soul Personal Trainer Nicki Mc Menamin to help us get you ready for the spooky fun surrounding October 31st!

Click the themed word for a short video demonstration of each exercise:

  • DEAD Bugs: These are great for your core and posture! To ensure your low back remains pressed into the floor (flat), you may need to bend (instead of extending) your non-raised leg.
  • SPIDER(man) Plank: Works your core and shoulder stabilizers. To reduce difficulty, consider performing this exercise using a bench (hands or forearms resting on the bench). Avoid holding your breath.
  • SKULL Crushers: A tricep focused exercise! Keep your elbows pointing towards the ceiling throughout the exercise.
  • Cable Machine AXE Chops (a.k.a. Cable Chop): Focuses on your core and obliques, but also helps improve hip and shoulder stability and strength. The movement requires a sharp downward movement and a slow and controlled upward movement.
  • Stability Ball JackKNIFE Push-ups: Great for working your upper body, core and quads! Be sure to keep your torso level, don’t let the hips drop. Your arms should be about 45-degrees from your side.

Stay safe tonight!

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