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bicep curl (female)

The number one problem facing most male and female trainees is that they undervalue strength. It doesn’t matter whether you’re trying to lose weight for the summer or tone up to fit into your wedding dress – these goals are much easier to achieve when you’re strong. Why is this, you ask? In physiology, there’s a term called the Minimal Essential Strain for bone growth, which means there’s a minimum threshold of weight one must cross to build bone. So in practical terms, a female trainee may say she just wants to “tone up,” but using baby weights for high reps generally does next to nothing. The first thing any female trainee needs to do in the gym is get moderately strong, and that means progressive resistance with significant poundage until a decent base level of strength is reached.

This tip was brought to you by Body & Soul Personal Trainer Karrar Khaku. Learn more about Karrar at https://www.bodysoul.ca/staff/trainers.html#Karrar.

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