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If you have a weak core then you are more susceptible to poor posture, lower back pain and muscle-related strains and injuries. When you think about ‘core’ exercises, exercises like crunches and sit-ups might come to mind but in fact any exercise that involves your lumbo-pelvic region, hips, abdomen and lower back is one that works your core. Some great core exercises you can do are variations of the plank, dead bugs or variations of the Palloff press.

Increase the difficulty of the standard dead bug exercise by introducing a swiss ball!

Lie back on the floor with arms extended, the knees and hips bent at a 90-degree angles, and the feet raised off the floor
Place a swiss ball between the hands and knees
Keeping the back pressed into the floor, raise one arm above the head until it is in line with the torso – simultaneously, extend the knee and hip of the opposite side leg until it is in line with the torso and hovers just off the floor (or as low as you feel comfortable) – apply pressure with the hand resting on the swiss ball, against the raised knee
Return the arm and leg to their original positions
Repeat the movement with the same arm and leg and continue for desired reps
Alternate sides and continue with movement for desired reps

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