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Back extensions are a great way to strengthen your posterior chain and really focus on your lower back. Additionally, it works the glutes while working in some shoulders and hips.

In the video, Anthony demonstrates back extensions using a mat and a set of dumbbells. This exercise can also just be done with just the upper body extension if you find extending the legs up too difficult. This exercise can be modified to increase intensity; please speak with your trainer for more information.

To perform this exercise, lay face down (stomach on the mat) with your arms and legs in a star shape. Fully extend your spine (raising your arms and legs) and slowly release back down.

Tip: when training, it’s not uncommon for people to focus more on their core as opposed to their posterior chain, so take your time and focus on the movement! Also, please forgo the dumbbells if you find it too difficult to complete the exercise properly.

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