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Many people have reservations about going to a gym / fitness studio because of some common “fears” about gyms. Following are three of the most common gym fears that you don’t have to worry about at Body & Soul.

  • Feeling Stupid: Without watching someone use a piece of equipment or being taught, how could you know how to use a piece of equipment properly (safely and most effectively)? If there is one thing Body & Soul trainers are known for, it’s their knowledge. Our trainers love demonstrating exercises and explaining how ‘things’ work, whether it be fitness equipment or the science behind muscle regeneration.
  • Being Isolated: Some people are afraid to join a fitness studio in fear of feeling like the ‘new kid’ on the block – have no fear, our front desk staff are always more than happy to help you, whether it be setting you up on cardio equipment for your warm-up or taking you through a walkthrough of the studio to ensure you know where everything is. Trust us when we say that you won’t be ‘new’ for long!
  • Body Image: Perhaps one of the biggest fears people have is that they think they should already be ‘fit’ before joining a studio (which is silly!). While many of our clients continue with us after reaching their goals – whether to maintain their fitness or pursue new goals – most of them started their journey wanting to ‘get fit’ as seen in goals such as increase strength, improve flexibility, increase endurance, lose weight, etc. Most clients start their journey with us with the intention of increasing their level of fitness and they stay with us to maintain it!

Body & Soul is a great place to start your journey to optimal health. Still not sure? Call us to book a consultation and sit down with one of our trainers to talk about your health and fitness goals and find out how we can help you achieve them.

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