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When it comes to choosing a Personal Trainer, many people are unsure of what questions they should be asking and what qualifications they should be looking for. Should they focus on the trainer’s experience or their education? Should they stick with one trainer or work with multiple trainers? It is important to identify what you want out of your training. For instance, do you want to be pushed hard? Are you willing to sweat? There are no simple answers to these questions as they will depend on your individual goals, needs, expectations and availability.

At Body & Soul, our trainers complete personal profiles which summarize their experience, education, interests and, in some cases, include information on the different ‘type’ of clients they have strong experience working with such as seniors, athletes and clients recovering from injuries or health conditions. As you read through the profiles, consider what it is you need from your Personal Trainer.

While we understand that clients develop strong bonds with certain trainers, we encourage you to train with 2-3 trainers as this will ensure you have other options in the event that your trainer is sick or on vacation. It is also a great way to change up your workout as each of our trainers has a unique training style.

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