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Close up of a gym bag overflowing with fitness gear (bottle, towel, weights, skipping rope, etc.)

As more people begin to travel again, we wanted to share some tips for keeping active while on the go!

  • Consistency: If possible, try exercising at the same time every day (or every other day), and consider doing so around the same time you would normally be in the studio.
  • Pack bands: Resistance bands are an incredibly versatile (and inexpensive) piece of equipment as they can be used in conjunction with several standard exercises, may be used to compliment your stretchesand are a great training tool when travelling! Some of our favourite exercises to do with bands include: bent-over rows, dead bugs, and standing bicep curls. Jump on the ‘band’ wagon!
  • Research: If you’re staying at a hotel, be sure to check out the website to see if they have a gym or exercise room for visitors.
  • Take caution with the heatIf you plan to exercise outdoors, an early morning or late evening workout will help you avoid peak heat times.
  • Get a Program to Go: Exercise on your own with a program created by your trainer (using the Trainer+ app) – talk to our Front Desk for more information.

As always, if you know that you will be away and unable to attend an upcoming session, please speak with the front desk to cancel as soon as possible so that we may remove you from the schedule and work towards filling your trainers’ schedules in your absence!

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