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Environmental Fitness

At Body & Soul, we are always looking for ways to improve our facility and operations with respect to environmental fitness. We have a philosophy of clean living and we are strongly committed to minimizing the impact that our facility and our operations have on the environment. As a result, we have implemented a number of changes in recent years in regards to environmental fitness.

  • We have reduced energy consumption significantly by updating our lighting systems, including switching to non heat-producing LED’s that don’t challenge the AC, and installing motion sensors for lights in all rooms except the main gym areas.
  • We have also reduced our energy consumption by changing the way we do laundry: upgraded laundry machines use high efficiency liquid soap, all washes are restricted to the cold water cycle, and the outside dryer vent is cleaned every 2 to 3 months.
  • To reduce unnecessary heating and cooling, we have upgraded our HVAC system to regulate the temperature in each room. Outside air in the winter months will be heated (by natural gas) before entering the main system.
  • We have installed water-saving showers and toilets in both change rooms.
  • When possible, we use 100% recycled multi-use fax and printer paper.
  • With the exception of the marketing mail outs, we do all of our printing in-house. This allows us to print items only as they are needed, thereby reducing paper waste.
  • All clients receive an FDA approved water bottle and have access to our water filtration system. This eliminates the need for bottled water and reduces the number of plastic bottles in landfills.
  • We use cloth rags instead of disposable paper towels for cleaning. 
  • We encourage our employees to use alternate forms of transportation: most walk, bike or take public transit.
  • We shop local whenever possible – from our staff uniforms to our equipment and toiletries.

We are continually exploring new ways to make our facility greener. We encourage all of our employees and clients to join us in the pursuit of a healthier and greener lifestyle.