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You worked out with your trainer earlier, so you’re done for the day, right? Wrong! While your commitment to training is commendable, exercising for an hour a day (or every other day) does not permit us to be – for lack of a better word – “lazy” for the rest of the day. While you don’t necessarily need to move every hour, you should avoid sitting for long periods of time (whether while working at your desk or watching television on the couch) and get up and walk around or stretch when you can. There are many ways in which you can continue to move, including: household chores, taking the dog for a walk, walking (as opposed to driving) to do errands, participating in a group class, etc.

When it comes to your workout program, it’s important to incorporate movements that you enjoy doing as this will help you achieve your goals. Doing exercises that you don’t enjoy is bound to challenge your motivation and make it less likely that you’ll stick with your program. Consequently, finding a program you enjoy will help ensure you maintain a long-term, active lifestyle instead of reverting back to the comforts provided by a sedentary lifestyle. If you enjoy the way your body feels during and after a boxing session or during a high intensity interval training session, for instance, why not incorporate these into every session?

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