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Client Testimonials

Thank you to everyone who has provided us with client testimonials!

Over the last 25 years, we have had the pleasure of meeting and working with many amazing clients – including some who have been with us for over 15 years! We have seen our clients overcome chronic pain and severe injuries, compete in local and national sporting and physical competitions, and achieve countless other personal goals with the help of their personal trainers. It has truly been a pleasure to have had such a positive impact on so many lives.

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With Fall arriving, I have been thinking about all my indoor activities, and I’m recalling my experiences with Body & Soul, very fondly. I have enjoyed working out three times a week for almost 20 years at the studio. They have provided me with a wonderful workout atmosphere and helped match me with excellent trainers who have helped me continuously reach my Health and Fitness goals. One of the best things that happens after each workout, I leave looking forward to my next session.

During the last few years, I have been able to carry on with training sessions throughout most of the COVID conditions, amazing. The adjustments that they made to be safe during this period, have been thorough and very professional.

This pause to think about my Body & Soul experience, has made me realize that I should let the whole Body & Soul Team know how much I appreciate everyone that I work with at the studio.



I have been a customer of Body & Soul since about 2013. I got there by first spending a year involved with a cardiac exercise program at Vancouver General Hospital following a procedure. It was then recommended that I continue regular exercise and I found Body & Soul at that time. I have been coming twice a week for most of the period since then so was quite upset by the closure forced on them last spring and greatly relieved when they were able to reopen in early summer. Since that time, I have been very impressed with their ability to deliver safe exercise programs with great care taken around social distancing, sterility of machines, engagement of the trainers and yet the generally pleasing and rewarding atmosphere experienced through a typical one hour session. There is a carefully limited number of people using the gym at one time, each with an expert trainer, no overlap in use of equipment and great care evident in sterilizing any surface contacted during a session. There are no more than 4 people and 4 trainers using the main floor of the facility at one time with carefully separated use of the cardio machines in a separate area. While exercising with a mask on takes some getting used to, it now is not an issue for me, although I look forward to post-vaccination loosening of that necessity. Over all, even under these trying conditions, I believe Body & Soul delivers a thoughtful and effective exercise program which I plan to continue indefinitely.

Client wishes to remain anonymous

My heartfelt thanks to you all for continuing to provide a small oasis of sanity during our pandemic times. I have been attending sessions throughout the pandemic period and really appreciate all the safety measures that you have in place over and above the hand sanitizer station and hands-free door openers. All sorts of additional safety measures from all the immediate cleaning after I’ve used equipment to the new procedures for washing the water bottles really lower any residual risk of COVID spread in your premises. I realize that all this is quite a bit of extra work for the staff, but I assure you it is appreciated! I’ve also been very impressed by the other clients who follow all these procedures carefully both on the floor and in the locker rooms. I am in my mid-60s so not in a COVID low risk group, but I feel very comfortable training at Body and Soul and will continue to do so. Of course, like all your clients, I really look forward to the days when we can train again without masks!

Dana D.

I finally Joined Body & Soul at the end of August 2020. I knew I needed to take my fitness seriously, but I worried that I’d left it too late, and I also worried about the pandemic risks. From the initial physical assessment with Juergen I knew I was in the right place.

As a business Body & Soul is impeccably run. It is a very professional, supportive, and safe environment. To keep us all safe through the pandemic there is ongoing cleaning, always distancing, and masks and disinfectant for safety. I have never felt worried in any way. The trainers I work with twice a week are excellent. I am slowly getting stronger, fitter and physically more confident.

Joining Body & Soul is definitely the best thing I have done for myself in many years.

A. Philips

I started my return to fitness by first standing outside ’the door’ on the W 10th Ave sidewalk. I began reading the detailed Covid-19 protocol as well as Body & Soul’s adaptations. Most of my questions were answered and I followed up with a call to the front desk for a further explanation of how training ‘outside’  would work. I decided to continue my sessions indoors where my trainer and I stay 6’ apart, wearing masks, in a specific zone marked off on the floor, where there are a limited number of clients in each zone. Upon entering the well ventilated and spacious facility, there is available hand sanitizer, extra masks, should you forget, a plexiglass protected front desk staff and ever-present scrupulous cleaning of washrooms and gym equipment. By creating an atmosphere of caution without intimidation, Body & Soul is providing the best exercise experience possible, to safely nourish the mental and physical health of their clients.

Sylvia K.

In January 2019, I started my personal training with Body & Soul and it has been an incredible journey. Not only have I started to achieve my fitness goals but I’ve also met an amazing group of trainers that have kept me motivated throughout this experience. They include my former and current trainers: Asaka, Theresa, Stephen, Yusuke, Iris, Ryan, Diana, Scott, Michelle, Anthony, Lauralee and Narges. Both the staff and trainers have been exceptional and welcoming and I enjoyed getting to know each individual at Body & Soul.

The success of Body & Soul would not have been possible without the great leadership of Angela Longstaffe. Her leadership shined especially during 2020 when many businesses were impacted by COVID-19. The Studio had to close and later reopen in June 2020 with new safety measures and protocols that exceed expectations. I was hesitant to return at first but after reviewing the policies in place to protect the safety of staff and clients and speaking to Angela, I knew that I would be returning to a safe environment. Angela and her team have put in tremendous effort and hard work to make our safe return to the Studio. Some of the new safety measures put in place include installing plexiglass barriers, sanitizing cardio and weight training equipment after each use, sanitizing locker rooms frequently and wearing face masks at all times. Sanitizing stations can be found all around the Studio.

I couldn’t be more happier to return to the Studio to keep my physical and mental health in check and I want to send a massive Thank You to Angela, and her incredible team of front desk staff, trainers and practitioners. Y’all are amazing!

Bashar A.

Angela and everyone at Body & Soul:

I just wanted to send you this note to thank you and all your staff for the way you have managed through the pandemic. After thinking about it long and hard when you decided to re-open last summer, I trusted that you would manage us safely through the pandemic with the same care and attention to detail by which you, your support staff and your trainers have managed my health and fitness over the 3 years of my membership. I have not been disappointed.

I had not worked with a personal trainer before I joined Body & Soul, but it did occur to me that a trainer might make better decisions about my fitness regime than I would. And so it has been – 3 years without a single injury at the gym. I wouldn’t have lasted 3 months on my own.

The detailed care and attention that your trainers have paid daily to my exercise program is matched by that which they have paid to our joint safety through the pandemic. And I really appreciate that.

G. O.

Looking back over the past few months, I have been reflecting on how fortunate my family has been during this COVID-era. Our “sacrifices” have been minor compared to many. But as I was saying to you the other day, my wife and I very much appreciate being able to continue with our personal training sessions as part of recovering some normality during these strange times. We stopped our sessions back in March and only cautiously resumed in mid-September after speaking with other customers and observing your safety protocols. We have been impressed with the care you and your team, as well as other customers, have been taking. Thank you!

Andy Shaw

I want to commend you and all your Body & Soul staff for really stepping up during these difficult COVID-19 times.  I feel so safe working out with any personal trainer at Body & Soul.

The safety measures you have implemented are so clever.  From the hands-free door openers to the janitor on staff disinfecting the change rooms and lockers, the instant disinfecting of warm-up equipment like treadmills and ellipticals to the automatic dishwasher cleaning our water bottles, you have thought of everything.

In addition to implementing the mandated health precautions, I am impressed with the studio conversion into separate, self-contained workout areas to minimize the number of in-studio clients at any one time to ensure social distancing.  The personal trainers are so careful to avoid direct contact with their clients and others, while still giving their clients a worthy workout.  The plexiglass reception area is brilliant.  Everyone is so careful and cognizant to avoid personal contact.

I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to work out with any one of your highly qualified personal trainers.  The attention to detail is bar nun.  Thank you for putting the safety and well-being of your clients and staff first!

Loree G.

I have been training on a weekly basis at Body and Soul for over a decade and was relieved and excited when Angela and her professional staff were able to reopen after the initial Covid19 shutdown. The rigorous protocols of constant cleaning, installation of clear plexiglass barriers, spatial separation of equipment, upgraded ventilation and constant mask wearing of clients and staff has become commonplace. Towels are continually replaced, floors mopped, mirrors polished, equipment wiped and spatial separation between everyone is achieved by collective awareness and thoughtful zoning of activities in the floor area. Exercise programmes have been re-designed to optimize equipment usage within physical pods that are scaled to the number of clients in the space that cannot exceed four. There is even a heated space in the covered parking garage with an open sided tent ceiling and clean floor covering for clients wanting more ventilation and the “outdoor experience”.

It is reassuring that the attention to COVID protocol is consistent and compatible with my Trainers guidance and vigilance towards me through my programme. While I regroup myself for the next exercise Anthony wipes down and sets aside the used equipment for a final clean before the next session. In fact, the routines and exercises have been reimagined and designed so that I remain as thankfully “done and stretched” at the end of each session with an added layer of COVID protocol safety baked in.

Wearing a mask throughout a session is not problematic as Angela sourced a clever and comfortable “nose frame” positioned inside my mask that maintains airflow and space for active breathing.

My mental outlook has improved significantly with renewal of exercising in familiar and consciously planned surroundings. I feel far more comfortable and safer going to my exercise sessions at Body & Soul than doing the routine grocery shopping where personal distancing and spatial awareness are frequently haphazard and prone to random acts of congestion despite floor graphics.

It’s apparent to me that Body and Soul proactively implements measures to conform to COVID19 guidelines with a clear determination to succeed! Both staff and clients are mutually supportive in making sure the appointments are risk averse and personal fitness health goals are achieved. I encourage everyone to give careful thought about the risks and rewards of improving your mental and physical health as we grind through this unique and challenging time that may be with us for several more months …. It has certainly helped me.

Ian R.

I have been training with Body & Soul for many years. The staff and equipment have always been excellent. All areas of the facility have always been very clean at all times. Now with COVID, protocols have been enacted to ensure that all surfaces and equipment are regularly sanitized, from the doors and lockers, to all gym equipment. Masks are worn by everyone at all times. I am very cautious regarding the virus, but I feel comfortable and safe at Body & Soul.

I am very glad that I am able to continue my training after they were able to reopen in June. I highly recommend Body & Soul to others.

Lori P.

I had been working out at Body & Soul for about a year when COVID arrived. B&S staff outfitted me with a set of Trainer+ workouts customized to my level of fitness and the bits of equipment I had at home—a lifesaver during lockdown.

Early into lockdown I injured my Achilles Tendon while street biking—a micro-tear injury that often takes months if not years to heal, or when you are close to my age (nearly 70), it may never heal. When B&S emerged from lockdown I thought I was still not ready to return to regular workouts. But Head Trainer Juergen took the time to review my medical records (by then chiro + GP + foot specialist) and urged me to come in for a reassessment. After about an hour consult, we agreed to give it a try, and he teamed me up with Personal Trainer Laura Claridad. We agreed I needed to work with a single trainer to have any hope of making rehab progress. Great move!

Twice weekly over the past several weeks, Laura, whose experience includes sports injury rehab, has helped me move from “limping and can’t walk more than 500m without pain” to “When does cross country skiing start?” Like the other B&S trainers, Laura has seamlessly worked the distancing and cleaning protocols into our routines—for example, when I am huffing and puffing my reps (masked, of course) she may be cleaning my last touched item, or prepping the next.

Other than all of us wearing masks all the time (well not in the shower but definitely in the locker room) and sanitizing upon entry and whenever we feel we need to, B&S’s COVID protocols are simple but solid. I usually warm up on a stationary bike near the entry—when my trainer comes for me, staff immediately wipe down the bike for the next user. There used to be up to eight clients training at a time—now there are never more than four, each sharing a quarter of the studio with their trainer. Each trainer seems to be taking extra time to organize each client’s equipment, so trainer crossover between quadrants is minimal and always careful.

Twice in recent weeks I have emerged after training from the (spotless) locker room to find the entire staff ranged in socially distanced fashion around the studio, having an all-staff meeting about COVID protocols. Regularly discussing protocol is just one of their protocols.

As COVID circumstances ebb and flow, B&S has become a safe and dependable experience in my week. I encourage any previous clients nervous about what’s going on to come in for a COVID tour—for your own and others’ safety, it will be masked and a bit distanced, but you will appreciate that thoughtful safety, as I do. Other than my own home, I feel the B&S studio is the safest indoor environment I have found in these challenging times.

Brian P.

I have had the pleasure of training with Juergen at Body & Soul for many years. I am over 60 years old and I have had a knee replacement and a hip replacement. Juergen helped me to maintain as much strength as possible prior to the surgeries and contributed to my successful rehabilitation after each surgery. His training sessions enable me to remain active.

I missed my training sessions when Body and Soul had to close for the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, I have been very cautious and I have avoided any situations that might make me vulnerable to contracting the virus. I was very pleased when Body & Soul reopened with excellent procedures in place to ensure that the studio is safe for all staff and clients. I am comfortable using the fitness equipment because the staff spray it and wipe it down immediately after it is used. The locker rooms are very clean and the lockers and the locks are also wiped down after they have been used.

Based on news reports regarding vaccine development and distribution, it appears we may be living with COVID-19 for a long time. I am very happy to be able to continue to train at Body & Soul. Thanks to Juergen’s training sessions, I will be fit for some wonderful adventures when it is safe to travel.

Jill C.

My husband and I have been clients at Body & Soul for a long time. So when the gym re-opened in June, we were happy to return to our routine. The new Covid-19 protocol is well thought out and works well. Congratulations to the management and staff of Body & Soul to have worked so to hard to make the gym a safe and good place to continue with our gym sessions.

I wanted to let you know that, frankly, there is not a gym that can even shine a light on what you have in place at Body & Soul. I have been looking around for locations closer to my new home and have been very disappointed. Your trainers are second to none!

Susan May

I have been attending small group personal training for a few years and I love it! The trainers make the workouts fun and dynamic and different every time. I love the social atmosphere and the friendships that develop between the attendees. Small group personal training is one of the best parts of my week!
Susan L.

I was looking for an exercise regimen and found one at Body & Soul. Like many, I would start an exercise class or plan to go to the gym regularly, but after a while would lose interest. The Small Group Personal Training classes have most definitely held my interest. The trainers are knowledgeable and personable and the other people in the class are supportive and encouraging. I’m sold!

S. Hoffman

I began training at Body & Soul a few months after giving birth to my son. Ever since, I have really enjoyed coming to the small group personal training sessions each week. The staff and trainers at Body & Soul are exceptional – welcoming, knowledgeable, encouraging and kind. I cannot recommend this studio enough!

I first started at Body & Soul after seeing their newspaper advertisement (over six years ago). When I first started, I had kyphotic posture and I was feeling easily tired. My fist impression of Body & Soul was excellent. The trainers were very friendly and helpful. My first small group training session was awesome! It is an excellent way to train. I very much like all of the core exercises. I feel strong. I love my Personal Trainer, Yusuke!

Naz B.

After I was diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis, my doctor told me I needed to be more active. I struggle with the motivation to exercise on my own so I decided to try personal training. I have been training at Body & Soul since 2014. I have worked with multiple trainers over the years. Every session is a challenge but I am always looking forward to the next. Kickboxing with Iris is definitely my favourite part of the session – the cardio is amazing!
Jon Seguin

I have been very pleased with the studio, its cleanliness and the caring of your trainers. Juergen did the intake and then a follow up session or two before suggesting that Constance would be fine. She has been very careful given my issues yet giving me a good workout. I’ve been impressed with her and, frankly, myself. In fact next time I’m going to ask her to increase the pace a bit.

Thank you and congratulations on running such a good studio. A referral brought me to your studio. And I’m glad for the introduction.


I started personal training twice a week at Body & Soul in May of 2014. In just under a year, I have lost 3% of my body fat, achieved several fitness goals (including a 3 minute plank) and have significantly reduced my lower back pain. I am stronger at 27 than I’ve ever been in my life. Body & Soul’s personal trainers are exceptional — I have had the pleasure of training with several trainers! The energy and motivation they bring to every session inspires me to push myself to my limits every single time. Fellow clients applaud me on starting now (at 27) and I can only hope that others my age will try personal training and learn to love it just like I have!


I have been training at Body & Soul for over 15 years and even persuaded my husband to join as well – we both enjoy the environment, the knowledge of the trainers and the front desk staff. The trainers always find new ways to keep us on our toes and adjust the training to our needs. I highly recommend Body & Soul.


I enjoy my work out sessions with various trainers as they all use a different approach but each tailors my workouts to my needs. Each session is a challenge but I always feel so much better afterwards and have seen vast improvement in my overall stamina. Also, I like the overall ambience of Body & Soul, including the friendly and accommodating staff.

Elke Vela

Initially, personal training sessions were recommended by a physiotherapist for a stretched ACL. Within 3 or 4 sessions, I looked forward to and enjoyed my time here. My trainers constantly give support, guidance, and encouragement in my journey to improved fitness. Michelle is a skilled motivator and coach who gets me to do my best. Trainers working in Michelle’s absence are to be commended for their expertise. Angela greets everyone by name and has brought together qualified trainers who bring their own expertise, determination, and skills to achieve their client’s goals.

Rumi Sasaki

I love coming here. The front desk is always so friendly and helpful with my scheduling needs! And all the trainers I’ve worked with have been professional and skilled.

Jennifer Kroeker

I have trained with most staff at B&S over the last 9 months. I am always struck by the high quality across trainers; it is impressive that you manage to hire excellent people on a consistent basis. Juergen gets top marks!

Dana Devine

Two years at Body & Soul and I feel better than I have in years.

Rob Allen

The staff have a consistent level of attentive care and pay attention to client’s objectives. Thank you.

Andy Shaw

I think your gym is awesome. I have been coming here many years.

Susan May

It was arthritic knees that brought me to the good people at Body & Soul. Over years of increasingly severe pain and loss of mobility, I had tried physiotherapy, chiropractics, podiatry and orthopedic surgery (arthroscopy). Nothing worked.

A few weeks under the care of the expert trainers at Body & Soul, and I was soon on the mend. I have experienced half a dozen trainers over the years: each is different, bringing his or her own particular genius to the training; all share in their consummate professionalism, resourcefulness, skill and quality of personal attention and care!

Meguido Zola

Michelle is the best!

Noreen Cawker

Dr. Case is FANTASTIC!!! I have been looking for 3 years for someone who could do great deep tissue work. I have finally found him. Thank you so much!

Don Druin

Body & Soul has been a perfect lunch break for years. The girls at the front are wonderful and all of my trainers are amazing. I never want to miss a class and the support offered is always above and beyond. I think of them often on weekends when I can’t walk, sit or use my arms.

Tina-Marie Dryden

After being diagnosed with severe right knee osteoarthritis, I started training with Juergen a year ago. My goal was to strengthen the muscles that support my knee and improve my overall fitness. Juergen established an outstanding program, which he tailored to my needs and goals. He also provided me with the encouragement and support I needed. As a result, my strength and fitness level have improved significantly.

Today I saw an orthopedic surgeon, who recommended a full knee replacement. The surgeon said that, due to the strength of my leg muscles, I am ready to have surgery as soon as he is available. I was delighted. I am very thankful that Juergen is my trainer and I look forward to continuing to train with him post-surgery.

Jill Callan

I have been training at Body & Soul for two and a half years. I had been having difficulty with a knee injury and wanted to be stronger for my sport of choice, downhill skiing. I love working with my trainer as her expertise and upbeat attitude ensure that I am constantly getting stronger. She challenges me and always comes up with new workouts that keep me entertained and highly motivated.

Sylvia Krainer

I’ve been going to Body & Soul for many years and have never been disappointed by the caliber of trainers. This year I’ve been challenged with some back pain. I’m so appreciative of the care and thoughtfulness in which Michelle has approached my rehab so that I can still get the benefit of a great workout without further aggravating the injury.

Tina Palitti

I have been training at Body & Soul for just over three years. After attending an open house at Body & Soul in 2009, I decided it was the place to get back into shape. I was impressed with the facility and I could walk to my workout –perfect! At that time, I was very much in need of getting back to regular exercise. A demanding job and a long search for a gym had conspired to make me feel less than fit. I also wanted to ensure a healthy ‘older adulthood.’

From my first training session, I have been impressed with the quality of the gym, the expertise of the trainers and the professionalism of everyone at Body & Soul. I have achieved a much better fitness level, more flexibility, and more awareness of my body and the influences on it. Trainers are, without exception, very knowledgeable, excellent communicators, and passionate about their work.

Marion Porath

About 10 years ago I started my programme here—and I am very satisfied with my achievements to date. The trainers are excellent, encouraging and keep me motivated. As well, I like the general environment of Body & Soul and the facility is pleasing, clean and well appointed.

E. Vela

I have been training at Body & Soul Health and Fitness for over ten years now. I have had a long battle with my weight and have always been motivated to try and maintain my basic fitness as best as possible and Body & Soul has been of great assistance to me. I have always found the trainers to be polite, friendly, professional and very committed towards training and fitness at Body & Soul. I find the facility to be very comfortable and pleasant to work out in. I cannot say I have ever had a trainer that I did not like. I would highly recommend this facility and their training program to anyone.

Ron Fulton

I began training with Body & Soul in February 2010 after being inspired by the Olympic/Paralympic athletes. I had not done exercise in years so thought I would start with a personal trainer, then move to a traditional “gym”.  But I loved it so much at Body & Soul that I haven’t gone anywhere else! In my first year and a half, I came three times per week and saw big improvements in my strength, flexibility and confidence.

In July 2011, I developed a serious illness leaving me with significant physical challenges. The Body & Soul staff have been so supportive and thanks to Michelle, my mobility is improving and I am almost walking unassisted again!

Linda Vickars

I first heard of Body & Soul four years ago through a flyer in the mail. In poor physical shape and having just retired, I was facing a new kind of life. My first impression of Body & Soul was that the studio and staff were very inviting. Trainers were professional, empathetic and helpful. Today I am much stronger – the amount of weight I can train with has increased substantially – and I have also achieved big improvements in endurance and flexibility, all while maintaining my body weight. I love all of my Body & Soul trainers and appreciate that each trainer is able to pick up where the last one finished.

Avril Corbet

Body & Soul is a member of the Fitness Industry Council of Canada.