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Older woman working on her balance with the support of a young woman

There are many parts of the body that work together to maintain balance. If one body system, for example vision, begins to fail, the other systems are able to compensate to reduce the impact this failure has on your balance. The body is so good at doing this that you might not even notice your balance is deteriorating unless put under more difficult conditions. While poor balance can lead to falls and ultimately to hospitalization, permanent injury and even fatality, the good news is that balance can usually be improved. Physiotherapists are experts in balance and know how to identify and address the aspects of your balance which require improvement.

If you want to improve your balance, talk to your physiotherapist about developing a specialized program. Your physio can do a thorough assessment to determine the most appropriate exercises that will make the most improvements to your overall balance. This can be an important factor in preventing falls and injury, no matter your fitness level or age.

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