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Photo of a man and woman taking a break from their run/workout.

Looking to train with a friend? Exercising with a friend or loved one is a great way to stay active as you rely on one another to stay committed and motivated. Try this great buddy workout:

Push-up into Hammer Curl
-> Keep the spine neutral for the push-up – moving up and down in one fluid motion
-> Relax the shoulders when performing the curl

Reverse Lunge with a Goblet Hold
-> Stay in a low squat
-> Keep the chest tall
-> Take a controlled step back into a reverse lunge (alternating legs between reps)

Half Kneeling Single-arm Arnold Press
-> Tilt pelvis to engage core
-> Relax shoulders when performing the overhead press
-> Keep your ribcage down

Single-arm Row
-> Keep the elbow close to the body
-> Pull back towards the hip ever so slightly to engage the lower lats

Sit-up Passover
-> Hook ankles with your partner
-> Support your lower back against the floor
-> Crunch up and pass the dumbbell to your partner at the top motion
-> Lower yourself back down slowly and with control

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