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18 years and counting

Did you know Body & Soul has been around since 1995? We were one of the first personal training studios on Vancouver’s Westside and many of our first clients are still training with us today!

Over the years we have worked with some pretty amazing people and we honestly believe that we wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for several key individuals; particularly Body & Soul’s founders, Nicola Mann and Sharon Essex. Childhood friends who, with a strong passion for the health and fitness industry, decided to share their passion with the community. They believed in helping people achieve positive change and, for the last 18 years, we believe Body & Soul has upheld their vision. Despite growing competition and a rocky economy, Body & Soul continues to hold strong and remain an industry leader.

Did you know many staff that leave Body & Soul to pursue other opportunities find their way back to familiar or new positions? Additionally, several clients who decide to try something new return weeks, months, even years later. To hear people say that Body & Soul is a safe place, one they have always felt welcome, is truly gratifying.

To all who have had an impact on Body & Soul, its staff and clients, we thank you. We have been on the northeast corner of Highbury and 10th Avenue for 18 years and we are confident we will remain here for years to come.

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