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Nutrition Tip: don’t be afraid to dine out

To cook or not to cook – that is often the question. While cooking meals at home gives you more control over what you eat, there are many reasons to dine out – including saving time and trying new cuisine. There are many ways you can enjoy dining out without compromising your healthy-eating progress.

1) Review the restaurant’s menu and select healthy options prior to arriving at the restaurant (most have an online menu).

2) Choose baked or steamed foods over those breaded or deep-fried.

3) Ask for whole grain bread or buns.

4) Ask for salad dressing on the side and use only as much as you need.

Developing healthy routines is certainly an important factor in improving your health but you shouldn’t be afraid to fall out of routine once in a while.

April News

Studio Closure: Body & Soul will be closed Friday, April 18th to Sunday April 20th  for the Easter weekend. Studio will re-open Monday, April 21st at 6am. For those traveling, we wish you a wonderful and safe long weekend!

New Staff Members: Body & Soul is pleased to welcome Kyle Gray to the Body & Soul Marketing Team—best of luck!

Continuous Learning: Personal Trainer, Michel Wong, recently completely the BCRPA approved Third Age module, a course providing an overview of aging and physical activity.

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Q: What are the benefits of eccentric exercise?


Eccentric exercise takes place when a muscle is under tension while it is lengthening. For example, the eccentric phase of a bicep curl is when you are lowering the weight in a controlled manner.

The biggest benefit of eccentric exercise training is the ability to produce the greatest magnitude of force with the least amount of effort. Since we are able to produce much greater force eccentrically, we can stress our muscles much more to stimulate muscle growth, and increase strength gains much more efficiently than concentric exercises (i.e. the lifting phase of a bicep curl).

Eccentric training is great for rehabilitation as strengthening the muscle eccentrically will help prevent injury. Done properly, eccentric exercise is great for the elderly population as it generates a lot of force with minimal energy. This can help with bone density and muscle mass

Nutrition Tip: help your kids eat healthier

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Kids are often picky eaters and with the many junk food commercials on TV and the incredibly cheap fast food options available, it can be hard to ensure they are consistently eating well. One tip is to cook with kids at home. Including them in the process will show them that cooking can be challenging and fun! Plan meals to take place at regular times each day to help them develop a healthy routine. Finally, keep healthy snacks, such as healthy snack bars and fruits, within easy reach to help them crunch their afternoon cravings without spoiling their appetite.

Fit Tip: exercising with arthritis

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Many people with arthritis avoid exercising in fear of causing more harm to their joints. However, research shows that exercise, done properly, is beneficial in managing arthritis. Exercise in itself reduces joint pain and stiffness, and helps build strong muscles around your joints. Depending on your level of mobility, you may benefit from stretching or strengthening exercises in a chair or pool – or – from activities in which your muscles exert force against resistance (using weights or resistance bands). Always consult with your doctor before beginning a new fitness program.