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Summer is just around the corner!

Are you ready? Some key tips to keep in mind as you transition from the wet and cold winter to the warm and sunny summer:

  • For many of us, the summer months bring out the desire to get outside and resume activities that may have lain dormant for most or all of the winter months. Activities like golfing, gardening and cycling use the muscular and skeletal systems in ways that likely differ from what you have been doing all winter. It’s important to let your trainer know if you plan to start these activities so that they can help you better prepare your body for them. Having a strong foundation is vital for injury prevention and optimal performance!
  • Are you planning to travel this summer? Don’t succumb to complete inactivity. Small breaks are needed for rest and recovery; however, keeping some level of activity during a holiday will ensure you don’t lose the foundation you have worked so hard to build. Again, we urge you to talk to your trainer before heading off on holiday to get some tips or to devise a program to keep you on track.
  • Spring clean your routine; check in with your trainer about new goals, get a reassessment, plan new activities and prepare for them properly to avoid weekend warrior syndrome (when you don’t exercise during the week and then push yourself too hard on the weekend).

Enjoy the warmer weather and outdoors but try not to abandon your training routine completely. It will help maintain your foundation, prepare and supplement your summer activities, prevent injury, and ensure you don’t have to start all over again in the fall. Stay safe and have an amazing summer!

Fitness File – July Issue

fitness files

The July issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – came out this week! This issue covers the following:

  • choosing the right diet
  • fitness tip: turning chores into a workout
  • nutrition tip: foods that benefit your skin!
  • club news: studio closure, more small group training, new staff members and consultations
  • staff spotlight: Anna Kim (Personal Trainers)
  • Q&A: can physiotherapy help me before surgery?

Check it out here.

Muscle confusion

The term ‘muscle confusion’ describes the benefits of adding variety to your exercise routine and thus avoiding a plateau effect. Basically, in order to continue to stimulate positive gains in strength, cardio fitness, flexibility, balance etc., we must challenge the body in unfamiliar (new) ways, while retaining the fundamental principles to achieve our goals. As humans, we are creatures of habit and that often means we find comfort in performing the same exercise routine which results in little to no progress being made. Therefore, “confusing your muscles” by taking your body out of its comfort zone will help prevent plateaus.

Finding the balance of skill mastery and adaptation is the key. Having an exercise professional provide the appropriate variety and progressions to your fitness routine will dramatically improve your results.

Studio Closure – Canada Day

Body & Soul will be closed Saturday June 29th to Monday July 1st for the Canada Day long weekend. We hope that you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Not sure what to do this weekend? The city is offering lots of different events!

Summer special ends soon!

Save on Personal Training packages!

  • 10 Personal Training sessions $680 (save $120)
  • 10 Partner Training sessions $1,020 (save $180)
  • 4 Small Group Personal Training sessions (once/week) $96 (save $12)

Offer ends this week. Call us for more information, 604-224-BODY (2639).

*Conditions apply.