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Can balance training reduce my risk of falls?

Older woman working on her balance with the support of a young woman

There are many parts of the body that work together to maintain balance. If one body system, for example vision, begins to fail, the other systems are able to compensate to reduce the impact this failure has on your balance. The body is so good at doing this that you might not even notice your balance is deteriorating unless put under more difficult conditions. While poor balance can lead to falls and ultimately to hospitalization, permanent injury and even fatality, the good news is that balance can usually be improved. Physiotherapists are experts in balance and know how to identify and address the aspects of your balance which require improvement.

If you want to improve your balance, talk to your physiotherapist about developing a specialized program. Your physio can do a thorough assessment to determine the most appropriate exercises that will make the most improvements to your overall balance. This can be an important factor in preventing falls and injury, no matter your fitness level or age.

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Fitness File – November

fitness files

The November issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – is available now! This issue covers the following:

  • you can’t outrun a bad diet
  • fitness tip: push-ups + shoulder taps
  • nutrition tip: overnight oats
  • club news: studio closure, charity events, referral program, and trainer testimonials
  • staff spotlight: Elika Fallahi (Personal Trainer)
  • studio Q&A: I have been diagnosed with Osteopenia, can physiotherapy help?

Check it out here.

What is muscle confusion?

Muscle confusion has been coined to describe the benefits of adding variety to your exercise routine and thus avoiding a plateau effect.

In order to continue to stimulate positive gains in strength, cardiovascular fitness, flexibility, balance etc., we must challenge the body in unfamiliar ways, while retaining the fundamental principles to achieve our goals. We are creatures of habit and that often means we find comfort in performing the same exercise routine. Therefore, “confusing your muscles” by taking your body out of its comfort zone will help prevent plateaus.

Finding the balance of skill mastery and adaptation is the key. Having an exercise professional provide the appropriate variety and progressions to your fitness routine will dramatically improve your results.

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Quality vs. Quantity

Woman looking in fridge and appearing to fight temptation of pastries

Have you ever heard the term empty calories? You consume empty calories when you eat foods or drink beverages with little to no nutritional value. In most cases, these are highly processed foods that contain added fat and sugar. Examples of empty-calorie foods and beverages are pastries, cookies, soda and alcoholic beverages. While we all like to indulge in foods and/or beverages that fall under this category, excessive consumption of empty calories will likely lead to weight gain and other possible health problems. When filling your plate, try to ensure a well-balanced meal with whole, non-processed foods. Think quality over quantity!

Happy Halloween!

Photo of a magician performing a magic trick

Halloween is just around the corner! We asked Body & Soul Personal Trainer Nicki Mc Menamin to help us get you ready for the spooky fun surrounding October 31st!

Click the themed word for a short video demonstration of each exercise:

  • DEAD Bugs: These are great for your core and posture! To ensure your low back remains pressed into the floor (flat), you may need to bend (instead of extending) your non-raised leg.
  • SPIDER(man) Plank: Works your core and shoulder stabilizers. To reduce difficulty, consider performing this exercise using a bench (hands or forearms resting on the bench). Avoid holding your breath.
  • SKULL Crushers: A tricep focused exercise! Keep your elbows pointing towards the ceiling throughout the exercise.
  • Cable Machine AXE Chops (a.k.a. Cable Chop): Focuses on your core and obliques, but also helps improve hip and shoulder stability and strength. The movement requires a sharp downward movement and a slow and controlled upward movement.
  • Stability Ball JackKNIFE Push-ups: Great for working your upper body, core and quads! Be sure to keep your torso level, don’t let the hips drop. Your arms should be about 45-degrees from your side.

Stay safe tonight!