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Training with multiple trainers

Most clients form a strong bond with a single trainer or a select few. Often this is the result of a combination of factors including: personality, training style and availability. We recognize that the bond formed between a client and their trainer is a special one, but we also believe that training with a single trainer can have drawbacks.

If you only train with one trainer, you may eventually tire of their training style and technique. Of course, this may not happen with you and your trainer, but it’s important to note that training with multiple trainers keeps training fun, fresh and interesting. While many trainers have similar credentials, most differ in personality, training style and often in specialty and focus. Changing things up now and then will allow for a more diverse training program.

Additionally, working with other trainers allows for flexibility in your training schedule. Many of Body & Soul’s trainers have fixed schedules; if your schedule changes they may not be able to accommodate your new availability. Also, in the event that your trainer is away, sick or injured, you won’t miss out on training in their absence as you have other trainers you like to train with. In the event that they are away, you could of course wait for them to return; however, depending on the timeframe, you would risk losing some of your health and fitness gains.

Ultimately, you may be content with just one trainer, but in the event that you want to try a new trainer please be assured that our trainers take the utmost care in preparing for new clients by reviewing your training history and speaking with your other trainer(s) about your needs, limitations, goals, etc.

Happy training!

Fitness File – March

fitness files

The March issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – came out this week! This issue covers the following:

  • skin health
  • fitness tip: plank rows
  • nutrition tip: frozen or fresh?
  • COVID-19 studio update(s): face brackets
  • club news: studio closure, consultations, and waitlist
  • staff spotlight: Juergen Reinhardt (Head Trainer)
  • Physio’s corner: why is it important to continue exercising as I age?

Check it out here.

Virtual & Outdoor Training are here to stay!

We cannot imagine why we wouldn’t continue to offer our popular Outdoor and Virtual Training packages even when the pandemic becomes a distant memory!

Clients are absolutely raving about these alternative options to in-studio training – so yes, they are here to stay!

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Avoid weekend warrior syndrome

It isn’t uncommon right now for people to give all they’ve got one moment and to give up the next – this pandemic has certainly brought about challenges none of us could ever have imagined. So while one cannot be blamed for committing to their fitness one week but opting out the following week, it’s important to avoid what we call Weekend Warrior Syndrome (WWS). WWS is what happens when you don’t exercise during the week and then push yourself too hard on the weekend. Such intense activity can be even more serious if you don’t take time to warm your muscles beforehand. Take this concept and apply it to the roller coaster that is motivation during this chaotic and often difficult time, and you could seriously hurt yourself.

Taking the time to properly train and prepare for any intense activity – whether it is a future marathon, rowing challenge or sporting competition – is extremely important. If you are planning to partake in any such activity, or if you would like to have the option to train harder on weekends, you should talk to your trainer about the best way to go about it. You and your trainer may decide to modify your exercise program in an effort to help you train for a specific event and they can give you great tips for at-home exercises to ensure you are ready to push yourself to your limits.

Hear what our clients have to say!

Starting your health and fitness journey can be a challenge – now throw in a global pandemic…

There are so many questions that go into choosing a personal training studio (and trainer) that is right for you. Add on questions regarding COVID-19 safety measures and policies and you may feel lost and smothered by the unknown. Rest assured! Since we re-opened our studio in June 2020 – after choosing to close our studio for three months – we have been completely transparent with our policies and continue to enhance our measures based on public health orders and client feedback. Don’t take us at our word – hear what our clients have to say about how we have addressed safety in the studio since re-opening:

“I missed my training sessions when Body and Soul had to close for the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic. Throughout the pandemic, I have been very cautious and I have avoided any situations that might make me vulnerable to contracting the virus. I was very pleased when Body & Soul reopened with excellent procedures in place to ensure that the studio is safe for all staff and clients. I am comfortable using the fitness equipment because the staff spray it and wipe it down immediately after it is used. The locker rooms are very clean and the lockers and the locks are also wiped down after they have been used.” – Jill Callan

“Other than all of us wearing masks all the time (well not in the shower but definitely in the locker room) and sanitizing upon entry and whenever we feel we need to, B&S’s COVID protocols are simple but solid. I usually warm up on a stationary bike near the entry—when my trainer comes for me, staff immediately wipe down the bike for the next user. There used to be up to eight clients training at a time—now there are never more than four, each sharing a quarter of the studio with their trainer. Each trainer seems to be taking extra time to organize each client’s equipment, so trainer crossover between quadrants is minimal and always careful.” – Brian P.

“I have been training with Body & Soul for many years. The staff and equipment have always been excellent. All areas of the facility have always been very clean at all times. Now with COVID, protocols have been enacted to ensure that all surfaces and equipment are regularly sanitized, from the doors and lockers, to all gym equipment. Masks are worn by everyone at all times. I am very cautious regarding the virus, but I feel comfortable and safe at Body & Soul.” – Lori P.

“I have been training on a weekly basis at Body and Soul for over a decade and was relieved and excited when Angela and her professional staff were able to reopen after the initial Covid19 shutdown. The rigorous protocols of constant cleaning, installation of clear plexiglass barriers, spatial separation of equipment, upgraded ventilation and constant mask wearing of clients and staff has become commonplace. Towels are continually replaced, floors mopped, mirrors polished, equipment wiped and spatial separation between everyone is achieved by collective awareness and thoughtful zoning of activities in the floor area. Exercise programmes have been re-designed to optimize equipment usage within physical pods that are scaled to the number of clients in the space that cannot exceed four. There is even a heated space in the covered parking garage with an open sided tent ceiling and clean floor covering for clients wanting more ventilation and the “outdoor experience”.” – Ian R.

“The safety measures you have implemented are so clever.  From the hands-free door openers to the janitor on staff disinfecting the change rooms and lockers, the instant disinfecting of warm-up equipment like treadmills and ellipticals to the automatic dishwasher cleaning our water bottles, you have thought of everything.” – Loree G.

“My heartfelt thanks to you all for continuing to provide a small oasis of sanity during our pandemic times. I have been attending sessions throughout the pandemic period and really appreciate all the safety measures that you have in place over and above the hand sanitizer station and hands-free door openers. All sorts of additional safety measures from all the immediate cleaning after I’ve used equipment to the new procedures for washing the water bottles really lower any residual risk of COVID spread in your premises. I realize that all this is quite a bit of extra work for the staff, but I assure you it is appreciated! I’ve also been very impressed by the other clients who follow all these procedures carefully both on the floor and in the locker rooms. I am in my mid-60s so not in a COVID low risk group, but I feel very comfortable training at Body and Soul and will continue to do so. Of course, like all your clients, I really look forward to the days when we can train again without masks!” – Dana D.

Thank you to our amazing clients for sticking by us!