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Overcoming obstacles

Following are three tips to help you persevere and overcome obstacles on your health and fitness journey:

1. Practice positive self-talk. Negative self-talk is disturbingly common, particularly as people compare themselves to other people – a phenomenon more common with the influence of social media and the window into other people’s lives (or so far as they claim). Taking the time to reassure yourself and convince yourself of your worth can make a huge difference in helping you achieve your goals.

2. Identify realistic goals. If your goals aren’t attainable – whether due to your lifestyle or because the goals themselves are, for whatever reason, unrealistic – what’s the point? You will ultimately become stuck, sad, or angry and may ultimately give up.

3. Make time and a plan. It’s great that you want to achieve certain goals but how and when will you achieve them? Without a detailed plan (what, how and by when), you can’t effectively measure and note progress made.

Talk to your trainer for more tips on how you can positively influence your health and fitness journey.

Sugar consumption

Are you aware of how much added sugar can be found in some of the foods/snacks in your fridge or pantry? The amount of added sugar in certain foods and beverages can be shocking but what’s more surprising is how few people seem to understand how much added sugar they are actually consuming each given day.

Did you know, for instance, that added sugars might show up as “syrups” or variations of words ending in “ose” like fructose on the label? In small quantities, added sugars may not be too much of an issue but keep in mind that it is digested immediately and can boost your blood sugar levels rapidly!

Source: https://www.health.harvard.edu/staying-healthy/how-to-spot-and-avoid-added-sugar

Be SMART with your goals

You really should work with (not against) what you’ve got; this includes your level of fitness, flexibility (both physically and in your lifestyle) and, inevitably, your genes. It’s important that you consider goals that align WITH the above considerations, and this is why we are always reminding our clients to establish SMART goals!

  • Specific: ambiguous goals like improving strength leave you to wonder what “strength” means (i.e. upper vs lower body, overall, etc.). If you can’t elaborate on what it means, it isn’t specific enough.
  • Measurable: at what point can you determine the goal has been achieved? How do you measure success?
  • Attainable: consider your lifestyle and ability to commit effort to a goal – is this genuinely one you believe you can reach with your current work schedule or daily routine?
  • Relevant: is this something you actually want or something you believe others expect of you?
  • Timely: giving yourself a deadline will help you plan out how best to proceed. For instance, given a specific deadline, will you need to exercise 1-2 times each week or will you need to do more?

An example of a SMART goal might be to lose 10 pounds before the New Year. It’s specific in what you want to achieve and when. Additionally, with three months to go, it may be attainable if you’re willing to put in the work!

To cook or not to cook…

That is often the question…

While cooking meals at home gives you more control over what you eat, there are many reasons to dine out — including saving time (avoiding meal prep and planning), trying new cuisine and spending time with friends and loved ones.

There are many ways you can enjoy dining out without compromising your healthy-eating progress. 1) Check the restaurant’s menu and select healthy options prior to arriving at the restaurant (most have their menus listed online). 2) Choose baked or steamed foods over those breaded or deep-fried. 3) When possible, ask for whole grain bread or buns. 4) Ask for salad dressing on the side and use only as much as you feel you need to enjoy your meal – without overdoing it.

Developing healthy routines is certainly an important factor in improving your health but you shouldn’t be afraid to fall out of routine once in a while.