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Holiday Closure

Body & Soul will be closed Saturday December 21st to Wednesday January 1st. The studio will re-open Thursday January 2nd at 6am. Thank you to everyone who donated items for our holiday charity this year – the items were delivered to The Ronald McDonald House this morning!

We hope you have a lovely holiday break and a wonderful start to the New Year.

Holiday Charity

We will be dropping off the holiday donations for the Ronald McDonald House this Wednesday. If you are interested in bringing in a donation, please do so before the studio closes tomorrow night!

Thank you to everyone who has already brought in wonderful donations for the children and families staying at the Ronald McDonald House.

Save on Personal Training

Our Holiday Special will be available until December 20th!

Conditions apply – speak with our front desk for more information.

Staying on track over the holidays

Are you attending a festive buffet or casual dinner this holiday season? We suggest doing a little walk through to identify healthy alternatives before filling your plate with food as this gives you more control over what and how much you eat. In the event that you are dining out, take time to check out the menu online and choose a healthy option before heading out the door (and ideally not on an empty stomach).

If you’re going to only follow one piece of advice, let it be this one: never starve yourself in anticipation of later meal plans! You may think you are saving calories but you are actually more likely to overindulge later on as you are hungrier than you would have been had you had small meals throughout the day.

Fitness Tip: Rope pulldown tricep extension

It’s important to always keep your core engaged during this exercise. Breathe in on the eccentric movement (releasing the rope down), and breathe out on the concentric movement (pulling the rope back up). It’s important to avoid swinging your arms. Ensure your arms are kept tight by your side.

Tip: Tricep exercises are a great way to make your arms look bigger and fuller. The tricep muscle group is 2x bigger than the biceps. Strong triceps are necessary for all push movements, the stronger your triceps are the stronger your push movements will be. Sometimes people forget to target their triceps when training, so make sure you include at least one tricep exercise in your push workouts.

Check out our Instagram videos for this fitness tip!

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