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Preventing Injuries

Injuries are unfortunately an unavoidable part of life and can actually be a common occurrence in physical activity due to the improper use of equipment or an accident. While accidents happen, there are several ways to help prevent injury:

  1. Take the time to warm-up. Ideally, you should warm up for at least 10 minutes (the older and more athletic you are, the more time you should spend on warming up).
  2. Invest in a pair of good shoes. Find shoes that are designed to provide special support and flexibility for physical activity.
  3. Take your time. It’s imperative that you focus and pay attention to your body’s movements, particularly the form and technique in which you perform your exercises. Distractions can lead to uncontrolled and unplanned movements, which often lead to injury.

For more tips on injury prevention, talk to your trainer.

Fitness Tip – Romanian Deadlift (RDL)

The single-leg RDL exercise is an isolation movement aimed to target the hamstrings and the glutes. It’s a variation of the normal RDL exercise, except it isolates one leg at a time. It’s a great exercise for developing single-leg strength, balance, stabilization and overall posture.

You can perform this exercise with or without weights. It requires coordination and balance; therefore, it is recommended that your try this exercise first with no weight to ensure your form is correct – adding weight (i.e. dumbbell or kettlebell) to then progress.

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Reducing back pain

Most adults experience some form of back pain (milt to severe) in their lifetime. The pain one feels can range from a mild dull ache to highly painful and/or debilitating even. The causes of non-traumatic back pain vary but commonly symptoms are due to postural imbalances, muscle tightness and/or weakness, and skeletal asymmetries.

In order to address the correct underlying cause, a health care professional should conduct a thorough assessment of your posture, spine, surrounding joints and movement patterns. For some people, certain stretches, movement drills and postural cues will restore optimal spine function and alleviate the pain.

Engaging in a consistent exercise program with components of mobility, stability, strength and flexibility is a great way to prevent the onset of back pain.

Fitness File – March Issue

fitness files

The March issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – came out this week! This issue covers the following:

  • think fat loss not weight loss
  • fitness tip: how do you roll?
  • nutrition tip: meal prepping
  • club news: new staff member, waitlist, helps us help you and referral program
  • staff spotlight: Scott Hallam (Assistant Head Trainer)
  • Q&A: how can I develop physical resiliency?

Check it out here.

Fitness Tip – Back Extensions

Back extensions are a great way to strengthen your posterior chain and really focus on your lower back. Additionally, it works the glutes while working in some shoulders and hips.

In the video, Anthony demonstrates back extensions using a mat and a set of dumbbells. This exercise can also just be done with just the upper body extension if you find extending the legs up too difficult. This exercise can be modified to increase intensity; please speak with your trainer for more information.

To perform this exercise, lay face down (stomach on the mat) with your arms and legs in a star shape. Fully extend your spine (raising your arms and legs) and slowly release back down.

Tip: when training, it’s not uncommon for people to focus more on their core as opposed to their posterior chain, so take your time and focus on the movement! Also, please forgo the dumbbells if you find it too difficult to complete the exercise properly.

Check out our Instagram videos for this fitness tip!

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