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Fitness Tip – Hang in there

We’re going to dive into the exercise of the “dead hang” and as the name suggests, all you’re simply doing is a dead hang from a bar or anything to allow you to hang off from. There are many benefits in consistently working on your dead hang. It not only promotes shoulder health and stability in the rotator cuff muscles, but it also improves forearm and grip strength if done properly and done at the RIGHT INTENSITY for the individual. In this video we’re going to show you how to perform the dead hang as well as go over simple progressions or regressions depending on the level of strength that you currently have.

*NOTE: This does not completely replace all shoulder exercises for strengthening the shoulder after an injury and should not be performed while in the acute stages of a shoulder injury. Slowly integrate it into your workouts as soon as your body has the capacity to perform this exercise.

Check out our Instagram video for this fitness tip!

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Fitness File – October

fitness files

The October issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – came out this week! This issue covers the following:

  • keeping you safe
  • fitness tip: back extensions 101
  • nutrition tip: shredding the quarantine-15
  • club news: studio closures, testimonials and refer & receive
  • staff spotlight: Laura Claridad (Personal Trainer)
  • Q&A: can physiotherapy help with my neck pain?

Check it out here.

Addressing Emotional Eating

Emotional eating is when we opt to eat something to make ourselves feel better – and we may not even realize we are doing it. When we are stressed, sad, tired, or anxious, it isn’t uncommon to find ourselves in front of the fridge or pantry looking for something to distract us or sate an unconscious ‘need.’ We may think that eating something sweet, for instance, will make us feel better, but we may instead feel guilty or worse after indulging ourselves.

  • In the event that you find yourself feeling sad, it may prove more beneficial to reach out to a friend or family member.
  • If you are feeling bored, consider going for a walk, reading a good book or tackling one of your overdue chores.
  • If you’re tired, set an alarm and give yourself a chance to lay down and rest/recover before you further tackle the day.
  • When anxious, consider taking pen to paper. Sometimes writing out how we are feeling allows us a better opportunity to reflect on what it is we are feeling. If you’re feeling anxious because you have too much on your plate, consider making a list and prioritizing tasks or other obligations.
  • If you can recognize that you aren’t hungry but there is a need to sate a craving, consider some fruit or something small until your next planned meal.

Meal prepping is a great way to help ensure that we aren’t impulsively eating whatever we can get our hands on when the hunger does come on. If you are bored, consider making a plan to meal prep!

Fitness Tip – Circuit

Pre-circuit tip: 1) warm up for 5 mins, 2) wear your gym shoes, and 3) check for hazards on the floor. You choose your intensity but try to avoid stopping for more than a minute between exercises. Consider 2-3 rounds to start.

– Push-ups: keep your hips still and core engaged. Be careful not to lock your elbows as you push up.
– Alternating backward lunges: push up through your front heel and remember to bend your knees simultaneously. Keep your shoulders over your hips and both toes facing forwards.
– Plank: keep your core and glutes squeezed. Relax through the back of your shoulders and maintain a neutral spine.
– High knee running: maintain a tall spine. Lift the knees towards your chest as you plant the foot landing on the toes.

Check out our Instagram video for this fitness tip!

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