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Fitness File – December

fitness files

The December issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – is available now! This issue covers the following:

  • ’tis the season for… burnout?
  • fitness tip: tricep pushdown
  • nutrition tip: stressed spelled backward is desserts!
  • club news: holiday closure, holiday charity, achievements, planning a comeback?
  • staff spotlight: Bahar Bakrani (Personal Trainer)
  • studio Q&A: My doctor recently told me that I have osteoarthritis in my knee, what can I do to prevent this from getting worse?

Check it out here.

How do I choose the right trainer?

Close up of back of personal trainer's shirt - reads "Personal Trainer"

When it comes to choosing a Personal Trainer, many people are unsure of what questions they should be asking and what qualifications they should be looking for. Should they focus on the trainer’s years of experience or their educational background? Should they stick with one trainer or work with multiple trainers? The first step is to identify what you want out of your training. For instance, do you want to be pushed hard? Are you willing to sweat? There are no simple answers to these questions as they will depend on your individual goals, needs, expectations and availability. It’s also important to note that many trainers are adaptable and can modify their style to suit your needs.

At Body & Soul, our trainers complete personal profiles which summarize their experience, education, interests and, in some cases, include information on the different ‘type’ of clients they have experience working with – i.e., seniors, athletes, or clients recovering from injuries or health conditions. As you read through the profiles, consider what it is you need from your Personal Trainer.

While we understand that clients develop strong bonds with certain trainers, we encourage you to train with 2-3 trainers as this will ensure you have other options in the event that your trainer is sick or on vacation. It is also a great way to change up your workout as each of our trainers has a unique training style. For more information about our trainers, speak with our front desk or check out some of our client testimonials

If one of our trainers’ profiles catches your eye, feel free to contact us and book a 30-minute consultation to come in and meet them to discuss your health and fitness needs!

Holiday Charity Event!

Each year, Body & Soul collects items or raises money for local charities and organizations. This year, we are collecting items for Canuck Place Children’s Hospice!  

For a list of items, check out our Instagram page. We will be collecting items until Saturday December 17th! 

Stand tall!

Young woman showing good vs. bad posture (slouched vs. standing upright)

Maintaining good posture is key to reducing the stress on certain muscle groups along the spine. Ignoring your posture can result in reduced strength and could negatively affect your balance.1 While maintaining good posture isn’t always practical – especially when working at a desk or lounging on the couch as you scroll through your phone – it’s important to maintain postural awareness to prevent unnecessary strains and kyphosis (curvature in your upper back). In many cases, issues with posture can be managed (even treated) with stretching and ensuring proper form is maintained throughout your workout program.

One common postural issue that we see in the studio is hunched shoulders due to tight pectoralis – ‘pec’ – muscles. While we work our pecs during exercise, we often don’t treat them to a good stretch after the workout. To help stretch the pec muscles, consider trying the following stretch: with your arm bent to 90 degrees, place your forearm against an open doorway, stand in a staggered stance – with one foot in front and one behind for stability – and slowly push your chest forward. Hold for approximately 30 seconds before alternating arms and stop if you feel any pain.

For other tips on how to address posture concerns, please consult with a health professional.