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Why is “core” training important?

As the core has a weight-bearing function for your lower back, when the core is weak, you are more likely to experience back pain and back problems. Training your core improves your core stabilizers which act to support muscle action by providing a rigid base of support for movement. With a strong core, your back is better able to manage long days spent sitting (at your desk, in your car or on a plane). Core stability is provided by muscles in the torso that connect the spine, rib cage and pelvis. When standing, the pelvis and lumbar spine are oriented for maximal stability. The goal of training your core is to maintain this ‘neutral spine’ orientation throughout dynamic movement. Stabilizing exercises are ones that groove motor patterns and ensure a stable spine during activity.

To improve your core, focus on progressive exercise that emphasizes muscle contraction with the spine in a neutral position. The spine’s posture determines the interplay between ligament and muscle forces.

Not sure you are activating your core properly? Talk to your trainer!

Working with more than one trainer

Most clients form a strong bond with a single trainer or a select few. Often this is the result of a combination of factors including: personality, training style and availability. While we recognize that the bond formed between a client and their trainer is a special one, we also believe that training with more than one trainer has immense benefits. Training with multiple trainers keeps training fun, fresh and interesting. While many trainers have similar credentials, most differ in personality, training style and often in specialty and focus. Changing things up now and then will allow for a more diverse training program.

Additionally, working with other trainers allows for flexibility in your training schedule. Many of our trainers have fixed schedules; if your schedule changes (i.e. you are not longer able to train in the mornings) they may not be able to accommodate your new availability. Also, in the event that your trainer is away, sick or injured, you won’t miss out on training in their absence as you have other trainers you like to train with. In the event that they are away, you could of course wait for them to return; however, depending on the timeframe, you would risk losing some of your health and fitness gains.

Ultimately, you may be content with just one trainer, but in the event that you want to try a new trainer please be assured that our trainers take the utmost care in preparing for new clients by reviewing your training history and speaking with your other trainer(s) about your needs, limitations, goals, etc.

Addressing BC’s Mask Mandate

On Thursday November 19th, BC’s Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry announced new restrictions on social gatherings, travel within the province, and a new mask mandate.

The mask mandate will require everyone to wear a mask in all public indoor places. Until now, we had allowed our clients to remove their masks while warming up on cardio machines and during training sessions when distance could be maintained, and only if their trainer was comfortable with them removing it. Beginning Monday November 23rd, we ask that clients wear their mask while warming up on cardio machines and throughout their training session; however, clients may remove their mask to catch their breath and during water breaks.

We understand that this new policy will be difficult for some clients; however, we are hoping that this (combined with our other policies and safety measures) will allow for us to remain open and continue to serve you, our clients.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions. On behalf of Body & Soul, We want to thank you for your continued support and loyalty.


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Resistance Bands

Resistance bands are an incredibly versatile (and inexpensive) piece of equipment as they can be used in conjunction with several standard exercises, may be used to compliment your stretches and can be a great at-home training tool! Some exercises that work well with resistance bands include: bent-over rows, standing chest presses and standing bicep curls.

Join us in hopping on the ‘band’ wagon!