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Fitness File – July Issue

fitness files

The July issue of our monthly e-newsletter – The Fitness File – came out this week! This issue covers the following:

  • keep moving
  • fitness tip: row, row, row your boat
  • nutrition tip: IBS awareness
  • club news: new staff member, Body & Soul consultations, custom group training and studio closure
  • staff spotlight: Anna Kim (Personal Trainer)
  • Q&A: why do my knees hurt when I run?

Check it out here.

Why should I stretch before and after my workout?

Pre-workout stretching helps your body to become more pliable, which decreases your risk for injury.

Post workout stretches are good for helping your body to move excess lactic acid out of your muscles, which can help you avoid post workout soreness. Post workout stretches also help get the muscles back to their original length.

Outdoor Training Package Available

Given the popularity of Outdoor Training this Summer, and considering the time it takes for trainers to walk down to and back from the local park, we will be offering a special package for clients interested in outdoor training. If you can commit to training twice/week outside with your trainer, then you will receive a savings with this package.

Outdoor Training 45-minute Package – FIVE 45-minute sessions at $70/session (+tax)


Fitness Tip – Back Row w/ Cable Machine

This is a pull movement exercise aimed to target the back muscles. This exercise varies from the typical seated row or lat pull-down back exercise. It’s important to keep your training varied and be willing to try new exercises.

For this exercise you will need one end of a cable machine and a V-Bar. The exercise can be done either standing with the knees slightly bent or else sitting on a bench. The exercise itself works all the back muscles, especially targeting the lats. The forearm muscles in your arm and the bicep are the secondary muscles targeted.

Check out our Instagram videos for this fitness tip!

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