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Fun Fact Friday: prepare your body with warm-up sets!

When you are performing a heavy compound lift (e.g. a bench press or squat) it is important to perform a warm up set at no more than 70% of the weight you will be lifting. Warm up sets stimulate your nervous system (motor unit recruitment) which helps your body prepare for the upcoming lift. When done correctly, warm up sets should allow you to execute the lift better than if you had jumped right into it.

An interesting side note: women usually require more warm up sets than men; however, their nervous systems do not tire as quickly!

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COVID-19 Walkthrough Video

Our COVID-19 Walkthrough Video is up now!

Learn more about what we are doing in the studio to ensure the safety of our staff and clients! https://www.bodysoul.ca/covid-safety-video/

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Establishing SMART goals

  • Specific: ambiguous goals like improving strength leave you to wonder what “strength” means (i.e. upper vs lower body, overall, etc.).
  • Measurable: at what point can you determine the goal has been achieved?
  • Attainable: consider your lifestyle and ability to commit effort to a goal – is this genuinely one you believe you can reach?
  • Relevant: is this something you actually want or something you believe others expect of you?
  • Timely: giving yourself a deadline will help you plan out how best to proceed. For instance, given a specific deadline, will you need to exercise 1-2 times each week or will you need to do more?

An example of a SMART goal might be to lose 10 pounds before the New Year. It’s specific in what you want to achieve and when. Additionally, with six months to go, it may be attainable if you’re willing to put in the work!

Avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket

If you apply this concept to your health and fitness, it means you should avoid concentrating all of your efforts on one component of health and fitness, i.e. diet vs. exercise or cardio training vs. resistance training. While focusing on one component in the hopes of achieving a certain goal – i.e. diet instead of exercise in the hopes of losing weight – may be easier and may actually appear to work for a time, it is not the answer to long-term health and fitness as it isn’t sustainable. Why not? Consider concentrating exclusively on your diet (what you eat, how much, etc.) and don’t do any (or very little) physical activity. While you may lose some weight, you will not see an increase in muscle definition (toning), which is often associated with a positive perspective of one’s body (self-esteem). Additionally, your body will not gain the benefits of physical activity that it requires as you age (i.e. improved bone density). Conversely, if you focus only on exercise, then you delay or hinder your ability to lose weight as weight loss requires a caloric deficit (burning more calories than you eat).

When it comes to your goals, we highly urge you to speak with your Personal Trainer. Not only can they help you establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals but they can help you achieve them through personalized exercise programs and guidance.

Looking to purchase fitness equipment?

As the nights get colder, darker, and wetter, many people may find themselves looking to invest in some fitness equipment to use at home. Before you do, Body & Soul Personal Trainer Luke (“Coach Luke”) has some things for you to consider before potentially spending hundreds or thousands of dollars on equipment.

1) Don’t get upsold!
2) Figure out your goal time frame.
3) Do your research.
4) Can/will you use it?

Home equipment can be a great opportunity to supplement your in-studio training! Watch Body & Soul Personal Trainer “Coach Luke” break it down on our Instagram.

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