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Studio Closure – Canada Day

Body & Soul will be closed Saturday June 29th to Monday July 1st for the Canada Day long weekend. We hope that you have a wonderful and safe weekend.

Not sure what to do this weekend? The city is offering lots of different events!

Summer special ends soon!

Save on Personal Training packages!

  • 10 Personal Training sessions $680 (save $120)
  • 10 Partner Training sessions $1,020 (save $180)
  • 4 Small Group Personal Training sessions (once/week) $96 (save $12)

Offer ends this week. Call us for more information, 604-224-BODY (2639).

*Conditions apply.  

Fitness tip: improve mobility and reduce tightness through the upper back

Tightness in the upper back can impact not only our fitness program but also simple everyday tasks.

Reduced mobility and tightness through the upper back are issues that affect many of our clients and it is likely that you too may be afflicted with some kind of immobility through this area. Most experts believe that poor postural hygiene is to blame – consistently hunching over a computer or phone can lead to lengthened inactive muscles at the back and tight muscles at the front of the chest and shoulders.

**Disclaimer: This is a recommendation, NOT a diagnosis. If you are in severe pain, please contact a heath professional.**

Check out our Instagram videos for this fitness tip!

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Exercise and arthritis

Arthritis can affect anyone at anytime regardless of age, ethnicity or physical condition.¹ According to The Arthritis Society, one in six adult Canadians lives with arthritis. Many of us know someone who suffers from some form of arthritis and we’ve seen how debilitating it can be for those suffering from it. For many people living with arthritis, the thought of exercising (or being physically active) can bring on anxiety as there is a genuine concern of worsening their pain; however, in most cases, exercise and being physically active actually helps to improve their quality of life and can help joint reduce pain.

Your fitness program should be developed with consideration to cardio fitness, muscle strength and endurance, and joint mobility. If you suffer from arthritis and have no experience in a gym setting it is important that you learn the proper form and technique required for every exercise – preferably from a fitness professional instead of the Internet – to avoid causing further damage to your joints. Posture, proper form and body awareness are important for everyone participating in an exercise program but are critical for those with joint problems.