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Fitness Fears

Body & Soul tackles fitness fears

Many people have reservations about going to a gym / fitness studio because of some common “fears” about gyms. Following are three of the most common gym fears that you don’t have to worry about at Body & Soul.

Feeling Stupid: Looking at most Functional Trainers, you expect them to transform and attack the city, but really they are a multi-purpose piece of equipment used for strength training. Without watching someone use this piece of equipment or being taught, how could you know how to use it properly (safely and most effectively)? If there is one thing Body & Soul trainers are known for, it’s their knowledge. Our trainers love demonstrating exercises and explaining how ‘things’ work, whether it be fitness equipment or the science behind muscle regeneration.

Being Isolated: Some people are afraid to join a fitness studio in fear of feeling like the ‘new kid’ — have no fear, our front desk staff are always more than happy to help you, whether it be setting you up on cardio equipment for your warm-up or taking you through a walkthrough of the studio to ensure you know where everything is. Also, many of our clients have formed friendships with one another after chatting in the changeroom or spending time on the cardio equipment together. You won’t be ‘new’ for long!

Body Image: Perhaps one of the biggest fears people have is that they think they should already be ‘fit’ before joining a studio. While many of our clients continue with us after reaching their goals, whether to maintain their fitness or pursue new goals, most of them started their journey wanting to ‘get fit’ as seen in goals such as increase strength, general fitness, improve flexibility, lose weight, etc. Most clients start their journey with us with the intention of increasing their level of fitness and they stay with us to maintain it!

Body & Soul is a great place to start your journey to optimal health.

Studio Closure: Holidays

Holiday 7

Happy Holidays from all of us at Body & Soul!

Our studio will be closed starting Sunday December 22, 2013 and will reopen January 6, 2014 at 6am.

Stay active over the break with our Healthy Holidays home workout.

Q&A: What is core training and why is it important?


As the core has a weight-bearing function for your lower back, when the core is weak, you are more likely to experience back pain and back problems. Training your core improves your core stabilizers which act to support muscle action by providing a rigid base of support for movement. With a strong core, your back is better able to manage long days spent sitting (at your desk, in your car or on a plane).

Core stability is provided by muscles in the torso that connect the spine, rib cage and pelvis. When standing, the pelvis and lumbar spine are oriented for maximal stability. The goal of training your core is to maintain this ‘neutral spine’ orientation throughout dynamic movement. Stabilizing exercises are ones that groove motor patterns and ensure a stable spine during activity.

To improve your core, focus on progressive exercise that emphasizes muscle contraction with the spine in a neutral position. The spine’s posture determines the interplay between ligament and muscle forces.

December News

Congratulations Caitlin!: Did you know Front Desk Supervisor Caitlin Taylor joined Body & Soul with a personal training certification? Caitlin will soon be working towards a degree in kinesiology at Capilano University and will officially join our Personal Training Team this January! Glad you are pursuing your dreams of personal training with us—good luck!

Continuous Learning: Our trainers are constantly seeking new opportunities to enhance their skills in the dynamic fitness industry. Personal Trainer Isabel Verse is now FMS Certified! The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is an innovative system used to evaluate movement pattern quality for clients.

Holiday Charity: Every year at this time Body & Soul collects donations for a specific charity or cause. This year Body & Soul will be collecting items for the BC SPCA (Vancouver branch) and Vancouver’s Rape Relief & Women’s Shelter.

Holiday Closure: Body & Soul will be closed from Sunday December 22nd to Sunday January 5th. The studio will reopen Monday January 6th at 6am. We wish you a happy holiday break and a wonderful and safe start to the New Year!

Nutrition Tip: focus on managing your weight, not losing it

nutrition tip

Certain times of the year make sense for weight loss goals; the holiday season is NOT one of them, particularly for those who attend several ‘holiday events’ over the break. Instead, here are some tips to help you maintain your weight and stay conscious of your eating habits: 1) Do a walkthrough. Check out the food before sitting down to eat and plan your plate. 2) Wear fitted clothing. It may seem silly but wearing fitted clothing will help you be aware of your body and may prevent you from overindulging as you remind yourself of the fit. 3) Don’t skip meals. Starving yourself during the day in anticipation of dinner is counter-productive. If you don’t want to overindulge during dinner, be sure your stomach isn’t running on empty. Be aware of the choices you make but don’t be afraid to treat yourself.