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Avoiding & Overcoming a Fitness Plateau

At some point in time, everyone hits some sort of fitness plateau. For some people, changing the workout routine completely to avoid or overcome a plateau is simply too much work, which is why we suggest increasing your current exercises’ difficulty, which allows you to then keep the same general program. For instance, one option to increase difficulty is to reduce the weight being used while increasing the reps being performed. Another option is to incorporate stability-challenging equipment, such as stability balls or suspension cables. For instance, the plank can be performed using either piece of equipment and will force your body – particularly your core – to work much harder given the ‘instability’ of the equipment being used. In order to use such equipment properly and safely, it is important that you know how to properly activate your core so please speak with your trainer before incorporating stability-challenging equipment into your workout.

Summer Swimming!

Swimming is a wonderful way to stay active this summer!

No matter what kind of swimming stroke you prefer, you are almost always working your entire body – and it’s a great way to improve your endurance! Assuming you can swim – of course – then it really is a great way to stay active as it isn’t putting unnecessary stress on the joints, so it may be a great option for those with injuries, or for those suffering from arthritis.

Do you love to swim? Check out Vancouver’s top outdoor pools according to Vancouvermom.ca!

Canada Day!

Body & Soul will be closed tomorrow for Canada Day. The studio will re-open on Saturday, July 2nd at 7am!

Looking for some fun family activities and events to check out this Canada Day in Metro Vancouver? Look no further – Vancouver’s Best Places has you covered with local events!

Building Strength

Did you know that you can improve your strength with weight machines, free weights, cables and tubing, medicine balls and your own body weight? What you choose may depend on what is available, the specific muscles you want to work on, the scenarios you want to mimic or simply as a result of personal preferences (some people just like free weights and that’s okay!).

If you’re unsure of what to use but, for instance, you are looking to increase your strength to improve your daily life, then free weights may be a better choice as they involve a more natural coordination of several muscle groups which means that they can simulate real life activities better than that of machines. On the other hand, some people prefer the simplicity and safety of weight machines as changing weights is easier and faster (often requires just moving a pin) and there is less focus on proper form and technique (often resulting in less injury).

We suggest trying everything once to see what you enjoy most. Strength gains come through repetitive training; if you don’t enjoy what you do, then you won’t spend the time making it a habit – and then, what’s the point?

Summer Activities

As we welcome summer back to Vancouver, we also welcome back the amazing variety of summer activities our great city has to offer, especially those related to health and fitness.

Some great fitness activities to consider are tennis, golfing, jogging, gardening, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, and rowing. Each of these activities provides specific health and fitness benefits, using specific/different parts of your body. No matter your age or level of fitness, there’s something for everyone!

Talk to your personal trainer to determine which summer sports and activities will help you best achieve your personal health and fitness goals.

Another great summer activity is visiting one of the city’s amazing Farmers Markets. Visit https://eatlocal.org/ for a listing of when and where they are happening in Vancouver this summer. We encourage you to eat local and eat fresh this summer!