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At Body & Soul, when a client’s primary trainer is away or sick, they may be asked if they would like to train with a different trainer (if a trainer and time can be found). While we understand that many clients have a preference towards a single personal trainer, we urge our clients to try multiple trainers to avoid missing workouts and sample new training styles.

When your trainer is away or sick, having an alternative trainer to work with will ensure you don’t miss out on your workout, helping to prevent weight gain or strength and cardio losses in the absence of training. It is also beneficial in the event that your schedule changes and you are no longer able to make a certain day and time as your primary trainer may not be able to accommodate your new schedule.

The biggest benefit of working with multiple trainers though is the opportunity to experience different training styles. For instance, some personal trainers may lean towards functional training, including exercises that replicate a client’s daily activities (i.e. squats for a mother caring for young children); while others may incorporate holistic forms of training that encourage a mind-body connection.

Ultimately the decision is yours but we urge you to speak with your trainer about other trainers whom you might benefit training with. Learn more about all of our personal trainers at here.

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