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Most of our clients begin their journey at Body & Soul with a specific goal in mind – typically, weight loss and flexibility – however, few clients seem to have a specific timeframe in mind. After discussing their goals with their trainer, clients are better able to identify a specific deadline for their goals. It is at this point that our trainers work with the client to establish short-term goals (achieve within two months) and long-term goals (achieve after six months or more).

The primary benefit to setting short-term goals is that it allows you to identify progress on a regular basis (sooner than you might otherwise have expected), keeping you both motivated and on track to ultimately achieve your long-term goals. Consider, for instance, if you had the goal to lose 10 pounds before the summer. Sure, you could simply weigh yourself occasionally to see if you are on your way to losing the weight, but wouldn’t it be more enticing and rewarding to see clear progress towards your main goal in, say, one month, two months, and so on?

When it comes to establishing your individual goals, we highly urge you to speak with your Personal Trainer. Not only can they help you establish SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely) goals but they can help you achieve them through a personalized exercise program and professional guidance.

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