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It isn’t uncommon right now for people to give all they’ve got one moment and to give up the next – this pandemic has certainly brought about challenges none of us could ever have imagined. So while one cannot be blamed for committing to their fitness one week but opting out the following week, it’s important to avoid what we call Weekend Warrior Syndrome (WWS). WWS is what happens when you don’t exercise during the week and then push yourself too hard on the weekend. Such intense activity can be even more serious if you don’t take time to warm your muscles beforehand. Take this concept and apply it to the roller coaster that is motivation during this chaotic and often difficult time, and you could seriously hurt yourself.

Taking the time to properly train and prepare for any intense activity – whether it is a future marathon, rowing challenge or sporting competition – is extremely important. If you are planning to partake in any such activity, or if you would like to have the option to train harder on weekends, you should talk to your trainer about the best way to go about it. You and your trainer may decide to modify your exercise program in an effort to help you train for a specific event and they can give you great tips for at-home exercises to ensure you are ready to push yourself to your limits.

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