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Many people become quite comfortable with their workout routine and are – understandably – quite reluctant to introduce changes; however, it is always a good idea to incorporate new exercises to keep things interesting and help avoid hitting a plateau (a point in which your body is no longer progressing and has hit a standstill).

One simple way to avoid a plateau is by increasing your current exercises’ difficulty/intensity, keeping the same general program but modifying the exercises themselves. One way you can do this is to reduce the weight being used while increasing the reps being performed. Another option is to incorporate stability-challenging equipment, such as stability balls or suspension cables. For instance, push-ups can be performed using either piece of equipment and will force your body – particularly your core – to work much harder given the ‘instability’ of the equipment being used (as shown in the above photo).

In order to use such equipment properly and safely, it is important that you know how to properly activate your core so please speak with your trainer before incorporating stability-challenging equipment into your workout.

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