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February is just around the corner…. how are your resolutions going?

It’s quite common to think that any New Year’s resolution that helps you better yourself is a good resolution; however, oftentimes people establish resolutions that are too vague or simply unrealistic when considering that person’s needs, lifestyle, etc.

It may be that you have established a decent resolution (i.e. to lose weight) but when that resolution (or goal) lacks specificity with regard to what is actually required to achieve it then ultimately its ambiguity may bring more stress and frustration than had you not set one to begin with. For instance, you want to lose weight but you attribute no number (pounds) nor deadline to this goal – how will you hold yourself accountable along the way? If your goal is to “lose weight” then at what point can you actually say you have lost the weight? It’s important to be specific. By setting a vague goal, you may find yourself losing motivation as no discernible change has been made within, let’s say, one month. This frustration may result in you giving up on your goal or it may actually steer you towards false information or unhealthy trends and fads that promise quick results.

Through no fault of their own, many people end up creating unrealistic expectations for their goals. So many people make it look easy – so why not you, right? This can be seen in short-term goals with big results (i.e. significant weight loss by spring break). Setting an unrealistic goal often pushes people to take extreme measures. For instance, some people may seek to lose weight by cutting out certain foods completely (i.e. carbs) without considering that introduction of this food at a later point will likely see all the weight (and maybe more) regained. In the end, no ‘quick’ fix can compare to a lifelong commitment to healthy eating and living.

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