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April is just around the corner, what have you been doing to achieve your New Year’s health and fitness resolutions?

Are you struggling to stick with your plan? Some tips for getting back on track are as follows:

  1. Optimal health and wellness is about more than just being active or just eating healthy. Achieve your goals by committing your time and energy to both active living and healthy eating. After all, the two go hand-in-hand; a poor quality diet will likely result in a less active lifestyle.
  2. Start slow. If you push too hard too soon with your goals, you are at a greater risk of physical strains and injury. Additionally, if you jump right into a diet without considering your lifestyle or nutritional needs – particularly if you consider a restrictive diet – you are not likely going to stick with it long enough to see the results you want.
  3. Listen to the experts. Some people hear about other people’s success stories and decide to jump right into something new without considering how to safely begin. In the case of fitness, for example, people often think that weight loss means burning fat through hardcore cardio training only, or that they can skip the cool-down and stretch component of their workout. If you are new to training or have taken some time off, it is important to consult an expert to ensure you begin a program that is both safe and effective. It is also important to be mindful of which ‘experts’ you are consulting – avoid self-proclaimed internet experts as chances are you aren’t getting the full story and how they achieved their ‘success’ isn’t necessarily compatible with your needs or your lifestyle.
  4. Be accountable to yourself. Achieving any goal in life depends greatly on your ability to commit yourself and hold yourself accountable. One great way to ensure you stay on track is by keeping a fitness and nutrition journal. This is also a great way to determine progress along the way and allows you to better modify things to improve your chances of success.


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