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The word 'PROTEIN' spelled out using dice

Many different foods are a great source of protein, whether you eat meat, don’t eat meat (vegetarian), or don’t eat any animal by-products (vegan). Is one type of protein better than the other? Ultimately, there are some possible drawbacks to getting your protein from only one of the two sources, but neither is necessarily better than the other. While some animal proteins include high amounts of saturated fat and dietary cholesterol, they also contain all of the essential amino acids necessary for your body to build protein.1 Conversely, plant-based proteins don’t typically include all amino acids but individuals who eat only plant proteins tend to have lower blood pressure, blood cholesterol levels, and tend to have a lower body mass index than those who consume primarily animal-based proteins. When it comes to building muscle, the best approach will depend on your individual preferences, needs and goals.

Talk to your personal trainer about what you can do to build your muscle strength. For those interested in healthy pre and post workout snacks, check out Self’s recommendations here.


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