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If you took the time to read the labels of food in your house, you may be surprised by the number of foods which contain added sugar. The amount of added sugar in certain foods and beverages can also be shocking but what’s more surprising is how few people seem to understand how much added sugar they are actually consuming. For instance, did you know that added sugars might show up as “syrups” or variations of words ending in “ose” like fructose on the label? Added sugar, in small quantities, may not be an issue but keep in mind that it is digested immediately and can boost your blood sugar levels rapidly.

By reducing foods containing added sugars, you can reduce your calorie intake without negatively affecting your quality of nutrition. It’s important to remember that many juices and soft drinks contain added sugars but provide little in the way of nutritional value; a couple of cans of pop can amount to a substantial amount of unnecessary calories without providing any nutritional value.

There are several ways to reduce your added sugar intake; for instance, replace your soft drinks with water, eat actual fruit instead of drinking fruit juices and always check the ingredients list before buying food

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