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Your “core”, as it is called in general terms, is the key to optimal performance, stability, and posture. It is the foundation for all movements of the body, and also functions as a biological lifting belt and brace.

A weak core can lead to lower back pain, injury and may even negatively affect your posture. Being able to activate your core will improve your posture by keeping your spine in alignment. It will also improve your ability to balance and perform complex movement patterns. Trying to perform technical and/or compound exercises without first activating your core is the easiest way to get injured at the gym, especially as you increase the weight being lifted. There are many exercises you can perform to help improve your core strength, including: dead bugs, planks and the Pallof press; however, we urge you to speak with your trainer first to ensure you activate your core properly for these exercises.

To learn how to properly activate your core we urge you to speak with your trainer so that they can walk you through the steps in person.


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