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According to the Heart and Stroke Foundation™ (HSF), stroke is the third leading cause of death in Canada – with an estimated 50,000 strokes in Canada each year. Many of us have already been affected by a stroke – either personally or with a loved one. Strokes can affect anyone, even children.

In the moment of a stroke, panic sets in which can make it difficult to identify a stroke. The HSF has provided a great deal of information to help recognize a stroke when it happens – the key is to act FAST. 1) Face: is it drooping? 2) Arms: can you raise both? 3) Speech: is it slurred? 4) Time: call 9-1-1 immediately!

While we can’t control all factors that might lead to a stroke, one factor we can control is our level of physical activity. Ensuring you get regular physical activity will help reduce your risk of various health issues, including heart disease and stroke. You are never too old or too inactive to start your journey to optimal health and fitness – call us to book a complimentary consultation and start your journey today!

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