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What comes to mind when you hear the words “weight loss”?

Many people with this goal are actually looking to ‘slim’ down and ‘tone’ up, as opposed to actually losing weight. For these people, the number on the scale can be a poor reflection of fitness progress as it doesn’t show how much of your weight is made up of muscle and how much is made up of fat. If you’ve been exercising regularly and eating well then you are more than likely gaining muscle and losing fat. In this case, your weight may not have fluctuated much, though you may have noticed your clothing fit better or feel looser. To properly track fat loss, you should talk to your trainer about checking your body fat percentage using our Tanita Body Composition Analyzer scale.

If one of your goals is to lose fat then it is important to note that achieving that goal will greatly depend on your ability to maintain a good nutritional routine that includes a caloric deficit – burning more calories than you eat – as well as a strong workout routine. In our experience, clients with a healthy nutritional routine and a strong commitment to fitness (exercising regularly both in and out of the studio) tend to report a higher level of satisfaction with their health, level of fitness and overall zest for life!

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