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While some people think resolutions are silly and pointless, many people believe in the ‘power’ of resolutions as they can be a great source of motivation for someone to make positive changes in their life and it isn’t too late to start them now!

Setting practical and realistic resolutions is the key to success. Following are some resolutions you may want to consider for giving a go this year:

  1. Start every day with a well-balanced breakfast. In addition to helping fuel your body for the day, a well-balanced breakfast can boost your brain power, help reduce your risk of chronic diseases and help you achieve and maintain a healthy body weight.
  2. Commit to an activity. It is important to commit time and effort towards an activity. This can be as simple as daily walks or runs, or something like a few games of squash with a friend at the local community center.
  3. Prioritize good sleep. Not only is a good night’s rest important for your energy and ability to function properly (physically and mentally), but without sufficient sleep your body won’t be able to make the necessary repairs after a good workout.
  4. Set specific (SMART) short term goals. Setting short term goals allows you to see progress sooner than you would with a long-term goal, which – in the long run – helps keep you motivated and committed to pursuing your ultimate goal. SMART = specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and timely/.
  5. Track your journey with a health and fitness journal. Tracking what you eat and what you do for exercise helps to establish a routine and allows you to see progress that your body may not yet show (i.e. improvements in strength as you are able to perform more reps).

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