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Weight machines are often considered a quick and dirty way of improving one’s strength since increasing or decreasing weights is much easier and faster (often moving a pin or dial) and there is less focus on proper form and technique (often resulting in less injury). In most cases, using weight machines requires less skill than free weights.

Free weights can provide additional benefits to your strength training program as they require the use of additional musculature to stabilize the body part(s) being exercised and typically involve a more natural coordination of several muscle groups – meaning they can simulate real life activities better than machines.

10 great reasons to lift weights are as follows:

  1. Gain confidence and build self-esteem
  2. Increase energy and productivity
  3. Combat age related declines in health
  4. Build functional strength, athleticism, and stamina
  5. Live a better and longer life
  6. Decrease a likelihood of getting injured
  7. Improve concentration and cognitive abilities
  8. Experience more job and relationship opportunities
  9. Make friends with healthy, like-minded individuals
  10. Look and feel better

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