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Body & Soul has been one of the leading providers of personal training services in Vancouver since 1995. We believe that physical fitness is the mainstay of a healthy lifestyle and that personal training – and the guidance, education, motivation and support that it provides – is the most efficient and effective way to improve physical fitness.

At Body & Soul, we also offer additional health related services including Small Group Training, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Chiropractic Services to supplement your Personal Training. Together our services provide a foundation for lifestyle changes that contribute to a healthy and successful life. What are you waiting for?

We are excited to announce our new (trial) Personal Training package – Commit to Fit! If you can commit to completing 10 Personal or Partner Training sessions in six weeks (firm expiry), you may qualify for this new package and save money on your next training package! Conditions apply. Please call us for more information about this package.

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Research has shown that working one-on-one with a personal trainer generates results more quickly, more efficiently, and with fewer injuries than training on your own... Read more

Chiropractic services are able to correct a wide variety of problems including overuse, chronic and repetitive sprain/strain injuries and any limitation involving a muscle, tendon, ligament, joint or nerve entrapment... Read more

Learn more about the other services that are provided in our facility like PhysiotherapyNutrition, and Active Release Techniques®.

From Our Clients

Initially, personal training sessions were recommended by a physiotherapist for a stretched ACL. Within 3 or 4 sessions, I looked forward to and enjoyed my time here. My trainers constantly give support, guidance, and encouragement in my journey to improved fitness. Michelle is a skilled motivator and coach who gets me to do my best. Trainers working in Michelle’s absence are to be commended for their expertise. Angela greets everyone by name and has brought together qualified trainers who bring their own expertise, determination, and skills to achieve their client’s goals.


Staff Spotlight

Kiran Parmar

Personal Trainer

Kiran worked as a physiotherapist for four years in India before recently moving to Canada. Through manual therapy and physical exercise, she has helped improve pain levels and function for individuals suffering from a variety of orthopedic and neurological conditions, including knee (ACL, meniscus) and shoulder injuries.

Kiran likes to take a functional approach to training, incorporating her knowledge of physiotherapy techniques and her experience with rehabilitation. She has a strong interest in working with clients recovering from injuries as well as those looking to lose weight through high intensity circuit training.

Learn more about all of our staff.

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